Member FAQ

Q: How do I join this site?
A: Click "Register" in the middle floating bar up top, or find it on the left sidebar, and put in your information to make an account. It's free, and you'll have access to a lot more places on Suta-Raito, including the forums, games, pet adoptions, userpages, and more!

Q: How do I adopt a pet?
A: Make sure you're logged in! Click on the link under 'Members' that says Pets, then near the top of that page it'll say Create.

Q: I abandoned my pet, how do I get it back?
A: WHAT!? How could you abandon that poor pet! It won't come back to you now, too late. Sorry.

Q: How do I paint my pet?
A: "Painting" a pet here means transforming it with sacred tablets. You can find them in the shops or stumble upon one yourself, but they can be quite rare!

Q: How many pets can I have?
A: Five pets per account. We suggest having only one account...but we know people will make more anyway. Just don't cheat!

There's also an item that can increase your pet slots by two, and the max pets slots you can have with that item is 11 (I know, odd number). You'll have to find it yourself though!

Q: How can I become a staff artist?
A: Well...technically we don't have 'staff artists'. To keep the style of the pets consistent they're all drawn by the owner, but the designs are made by the Intermediate and Advanced oekaki, so all species and color designs actually come from them. If you'd like to enter the design contests you'll have to tryout for the oekakis.

Q: How can I become a board moderator?
A: Post a lot on the boards. The #1 thing we look for in board moderators is activity. Also, we expect our moderators to act mature and handle issues fairly, as well as treating members with respect.
Please don't send the staff messages requesting to become moderators. We choose moderators ourselves, so just be active in the forums and hopefully we'll request your name in the future. =}

Website FAQ

Q: Who is the owner of this website?
A: The webmaster (webmistress...) can be found on the site as user Eevee1. (me ;D) My real name is Krista and I'm currently a 3rd year (junior) college student in the University of Central Florida studying Digital Media (3D animation). My birthday is October 15th. I started Suta-Raito when I was a freshman in high school, so don't think I'm too old to be involved in anything on here. It's just grown along with me. =}
I live in Florida and I have a ton of animals since my mom and I love to care for them, so you'll probably end up seeing pictures of my pig, emus, chickens, geese, ducks, cockatoo, geckos, chameleon, cats, turkey, or tortoise around the site eventually.

Q: What does Suta-Raito mean?
A: In a form of Japanese, it means Star-Light. I'm not Japanese and I don't try to be, but my online friend came up with the name and it was original to have a japanese name since not many sites had them a few years ago. Of course, now a lot of sites do...but that's beside the point. I don't care if it means anything in japanese, Suta-Raito ended up being the perfect name for a site which revolves around a million different things.

Q: Can I use your images on my website?
A: Y-E-S! Yes! Many people keep e-mailing me and asking me this. You can use my images, but you must put "Images by" in a visible spot on every page that my images are on. If the credit is not visible, people are going to report you as stealing and I will have to contact you or your host eventually.
For the neopet images...most pictures already say "". ;D

Q: Can I use your neopet/pokemon images in the Beauty contest if I give you credit?
A: NO. Please don't. If you do, fans will report your account to neopets as stealing and they will most likely freeze you, and you will go down in the wall of shame list on here. I drew the's not fair for you to win a prize for it. Even if you edit it, it's still my drawing, so please don't enter it into any contests.

Q: Somebody is stealing your picture!
A: Oh my gosh! xD Actually...this happens quite a lot. If it's on neopets, report the person. You don't need to tell me because I most likely already know about it. Also, don't threaten the person in a neomail, heh...they might turn around and report you to neopets for threats or something. Most of the time a lot of people report the same person stealing, so neopets freezes them in an instant...especially if it's in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery. ^^

Q: How do I report somebody stealing your images?
A: If it's on neopets, use this form -->
If it's in the neopets beauty contest, there's usually a link below the entry that says "Report this entry". Be sure to link them to the original picture on Suta-Raito!
If somebody is stealing an image on another website, send me a message on here and I'll get to it. (You have to register an account to send me a message.)

Q: What programs do you draw in?
A: Flash MX, Flash CS3, and Photoshop CS2. I prefer Flash for all my drawings and making layouts, but Photoshop for my detailed commissions. I use Flash MX because it loads faster for me, but CS3 has more features I need when animating.

Q: Do you draw first on paper or directly on your computer?
A: Directy on my computer, it's faster and easier for me. =}

Q: What do you use to draw?
A: I use both tablet and mouse to draw on my computer.

Q: What is a tablet pen?
A: I get asked this a lot. A tablet pen is a pen that acts like a mouse. Most are cordless and come with a virtual mousepad with a box on it. You press down the pen on the box to click something, and hover it to move the mouse around the screen. It makes it faster and easier to draw online, but it's still not the same as a pen. You have to hold it more verticle.

Q: What's the best brand for tablet pens?
A: I'd have to say Wacom is the best brand. My wacom tablet was close to 4 years old and it still worked as good as new.
Edit: ...That tablet's close to 5 years old and it still works, but I got a new bigger one. I have to say, size really doesn't matter in tablets. Every tablet covers the entire screen, even wide screens, so if you're buying a tablet you don't need to make size an issue.

Q: What is an oekaki?
A: An oekaki is an online drawing board. People sign up as members and they can draw in a box called Paint BBS. There's a choice of solid colors, watercolors and a lot more. Once you draw a picture, you click a send button and your picture is sent to a board where people can comment on it.

Q: Is your oekaki free to draw in?
A: Of course it is! You have to obey the rules, but other than that it's completely free to draw in.

Q: How do you draw?
A: ...When you learn to explain how somebody draws, come and tell me. ;D
You can check out the Tutorial section to learn some drawing techniques I use.

Q: How long does it usually take you to draw?
A: I...really have no idea. I love to draw and when I make pictures I loose track of time. A good picture would take maybe an hour or longer.

Q: How Long have you been drawing?
A: Uh...5 years? Yeah...something like that.

Q: Do you have any other websites?
I currently own these sites:

Q: How old is Suta-Raito?
A: was created on August 11th, 2002. ^^

Other FAQ

....Not sure..what to put here...