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Yes, we know! What a crazy weekend development. An item was created on Neopets that looks shockingly familiar...

Neopets' response was even more shocking:

Hello! So we’ve heard quite a few rumblings about a similarity between a newly released item and a user’s fan art, and we wanted to clear some things up! First of all, we appreciate and really encourage Neopets fan art, and would never use it as our own, especially without permission from the artist. Now, the item in question was independently created completely by our in-house team. It was created based on references of the basic green Korbat image and other existing springy toys, particularly the Blumaroo toy, which is also in a similar pose. The two images do look very similar, but we promise you, it is just a coincidence.

Quite an interesting development! We'll leave it up to the users to decide on this one. Wall of Shame, Neopets? ;)


Your first update in 5 years!! <3 Glad you're alive! And yikes.... This is some coincidence!!

I really hope TNT fesses up to the art theft. I want to be all brutal and have them fire the person who stole artwork. With the quality of art they have been producing recently I'm not sure they even have a dedicated artist, though. It would be such a relief if they would appologize for stealing and then just hire you! 

Although I'd be even happier if you came back to work on the little pet site you have going here. I love the species you had worked on and have long held high hopes for continuation on this project!!!!!!


Yes add Jumpstaff to the wall of shame. How does a tracer even get a job? Probably the CEO's daughter or someone they know. How else do you end up working at a company with zero skills.

If they really wanted to use the image they coulda just asked you beforehand instead of doing a horrid job tracing it.....


It's so exact cmon lol

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