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can we still post a drawing? 

here's mine ^^

Ah... em... it won't go through... -_-

do you have a link for the image?
if you do use the html button and type it into that
the best link to put the picture on is
hope this helps ^^


this is my new account from aqwamareen. The image should be here:


its there i like it


This contest started a long time ago, I don't think any entries at this time count.


I just did a better one, and whether or not it gets me the tablet, I think I'll scan it. ^_^


Awww I joined too late to participate.. oh well, I shall make a drawing for the next one : )

It's here:

Sorry the quality is so awful, my scanney isn't working :(


can we still do this or is it over already?

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WELL, seeming as it's been almost a month with no updates, Im sure you can still enter.

I was all excited to be on the site and now it's just.... dead.

Guys, Eevee1 is finishing her LAST YEAR of college, I'm almost positive she's swamped with work.

I don't have the authority nor the talent to make updates to the site, so basically she's the only one who can do anything.
Cut her some slack, really, I'm sure when you get to your last year of college you'll be just as swamped as she is. And even site owners want a break once in a while.


Good point. Lets give her a break.


Yea. B) It's hard enough running a website without a bunch of work.


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