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Do you have a digital camera? You could take a picture of your drawing and upload it.


xD You guys were supposed to submit it here, the image submission area is only for future hopeful pet images. This is just to motivate some people to draw or doodle.
 I'll still look at everything posted of course!


@Lunatic- yea i think i have one i'll go get it


I'll give you one more day before posting the winner :)


I'm not much of an incker and I don't have photoshop so can i just shade him in?

wait just one more day? aw man im screwed.

It can be a sketch, this isn't for an official pet or anything. I just wanted to see everyone's pet as a nebula pet :o


Oooh, I'm interested :D

well i have something shaded but basically its just my pet with flaming feet, its not colored but its completly shaded in.

Its an Anapaite, which usually has more dog/weasle anatomy but mine looks like a dog with a deer head.

Photobucket Thats the picture I drew. I'm not sure if thats okay, its not even colored.

I got one!
(Sorry, I don't know the link or image code thingy for this site xD)

Okay, well I colored my Anapaite picture. Its reallymessy but it was all I could do on such short notice.


My pet Chakuku.
Hope I did this right! 0:


Here's my entry!

Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

I hope that link works, if not, it's here:

News Reader

Going to try to make one of these. :D


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