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We're currently transitioning, please post any errors that pop up! :)

Welcome to the all new Suta-Raito!

A small explanation of what's going on:
I've wanted to have some type of user system for Suta-Raito for a long time now so people could message each other, comment on news, and post in a built-in forum. I came across one that worked perfectly, but it had a little twist. It came with...drum roll...petsite features! Our amazing friends at hooked us up with these new features, and it seems like a fun little addition to the site. It's nothing as elaborate as a full petsite would have, but our petsite pages are just for a little extra fun and things to do. You can adopt a pet, buy items to play with/eat, color your pet with special Tablets items, and hopefully in the future play mini games to gain more points! (We have one flash game done but it's not coded to work with the site yet)

The cool part about it is that we're focusing the pets around artists! All the pets, pet colors, and some items were designed by members of the Suta-Raito oekaki. We hold contests every so often to design a new color or a special item, and the winning designs are redrawn for the site, with proper credit given on the Escape Designs page. Check it out on the left sidebar to view the winning designers of the previous contests.
So if you think you have what it takes, tryout for the Suta-Raito oekaki and wait for the next contest to begin!
Alternatively, if you think you can draw one of the winning designs on a pet well enough, we have an entry page for that too!

Unfortunately a lot of pages didn't make it to the new site. This is because I hardly ever updated them, and most of them were informative pages that other sites cover way better than I ever could. The main pages I kept were image-based pages, so now we're focused on only updating with images. All. The. Time. :}

And let's bring in the new site with a new category for Subeta! New minions have been added, starting with these guys:

Finally, here are some new Pokemon images to reassure that Suta-Raito's back!

Pikachu Bidoof Stunky Eevee
Oh! There might be a new Plushie Preserve layout too...hmm...


Oh but hey, I've already known all this :P

Hi newbies, general bublic, whatever you want to be called!

Yay for the general public!


Updated finally. ^_^


Been waiting for this :) Was stalking the oekakis for updates! XD

Excited it's all up! I'll be checking here a lot from now on :)


Excellent. :)

This is awesome~ I'm really excited for this because I have been forever looking for a new hangout, and with the basic but fun petsite features, and an active artistic community, such as the one on the oekaki, this might just be the place.

Basically I am glad to be here, and it's great to see Suta-Raito alive again! <3

It looks amazing Eevee! The wait was definately worth it :D *goes off to explore more* xD


The new website looks amazing, can't wait for the rest of the updates! (:


Oh dood that sounds so amazing I can spend just hours noodling around on this site too now ;m; Awesome dood.
Oh I wish i had the Oekai talent to be accepted into normal+above ones here to give it a shot at designing.. alas I don't have designing skills either.

News Reader

This is way too awesome, I love it. I'm just wondering if theres a page that shows what colored pets look like? Or are they not available yet


Yay, the site's finally up! I've been really excited for this! :D

Ohh hey I noticed that a few of the pages look like this on my browser.
Not sure what's really going on with that haha;;


Hello! I've been a long-time follower of Suta-Raito. I've been watching this site since the time it opened! I even had my website hosted on S-R at some point.

Well done Eevee! This is fantastic!


Yo, the new site is awesome, and I'm glad you're back =)

But I must say, we have to do something about promoting the site.


Neopets, perhaps?


Taruto! I remember you, oh my gosh! ;u;


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