Incase you might not have noticed (hey, I don't even notice a lot of these), a lot of animes have some errors in them that may not be caught at first glance. Later observation shows us that the animation artists made a little mistake. Of course, we're not trying to shun the animators. Without them, these awesome animes wouldn't be here! But it's always funny to see that even professionals make mistakes sometime.

Since this page is new, we're counting on all of you to send in some mistakes! It can be of any anime. Just be sure to give an explanation of why it's a mistake, and how you found out about it (if it's a funny story). More on how to send them in is ecplained below this page.


What's wrong: Hey, can you do that? Go ahead, try it. The thumb on the top hand is facing the wrong direction, so this is basically impossible. So much for the Monkey hand seal.
How I found out: All I wanted to do was learn the hand seal moves they do in Naruto. This one completely baffled me.

What's wrong: Where's Naruto's whiskers? D=They don't show this scene in the dubbed version, but it's in the 3rd episode of the japanese version.
How I found out: We froze this frame for our anime club after they showed the dubbed version on TV. We were very angry that they cut it out, so we decided to at least show our anime club what REALLY happens. One of the members pointed it out, hehe.

FullMetal Alchemist:

What's wrong: In the show, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric's right arm is mechanical, but he usually wears white gloves to cover it. In this picture, both his hands are skin colored, but even if he has his gloves off, his right hand should be a silver color. Now how do you explain that?
How I found out: I was just watching this episode on my computer when I noticed that his hands were all of the sudden not white.
Sent in by: Sophie Evans / Dancingdragonlady

Do you know of a scene that has an error in it? Take a screencap and post it in the forums for us to see. If it's credible, your Scene Gone Wrong will be added to this page with proper credit to you/your e-mail/your website. Please remember to explain what is wrong in the scene, and also don't forget to tell me your name or nickname, e-mail and/or website so I can give you credit for the find. It can be of any anime, so start searching!

How to take a screencap: So far I only know how to do this in Windows Media Player, but it might work in other viewing programs. If you're watching an episode on your computer, press Ctrl and I (the I key) at the same time. A save box should pop up.
To screencap on a normal webpage screen, look for the button on your keyboard that says "PrtSc". Press it, open an art program and paste it, or press Ctrl and V (that's the key combination for pasting something). Then just save it and send it in!

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