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Tsutaja Pokabu Mijumaru Espeon Duskull Dusclops Dusknoir Stunky Eevee Bidoof Pikachu Turtwig Piplup Chimchar Mothim Crobat Taillow Swellow Sceptile Drowsy Golbat Chikorita Poochyena Houndour Electrike Sudowoodo Elekid Milktank Cyndaquil Sunkern Totodile Politoed Wartortle Lickitung Bellossom Bellsprout Salamence Magnemite Marshtomp Tropius Furret Alakazam Banette Natu Raichu Lanturn Blaziken Deoxys Jynx Growlithe Golduck Tauros Wynaut Cacnea Swablu Eevee Pidgey Jirachi Gastly Eevee Flareon Jolteon Shellder Vaporeon Poliwag Weepinbell Houndoom Dewgong Torchic Spinarak Ledian Phanpy Gligar Charmander Charizard Piloswine-swinub Snubbull Articuno Spearow Oddish Croconaw Murkrow Sunflora Kangaskhan Raiku Tentacool Chinchou Heracross Goldeen Numel Mawile Flaafy Espeon Vulpix Marshtop Groyvle Sentret Raichu Sneasel Charmander Medicham Spinda Sandshrew Lombre Wurmple Beautifly Mightyena Poochyena Machop Skitty Zigzagoon Dragonite Trunks-Pikachu-Eevee lovedisc Ivysaur Togetic Houndor Delibird Ralts Suicune Girafarig Smeargle Smeargle Absol Umbreon Dragonair Rattata Charmeleon Mareep Pikachu Quilava Bulbachika Arbok Idakupichu Celebi Oddish Pikachu Bayleef Latias Latios Chikorita Misdreavus

Pokemon is © 1995-2010 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAMEFREAK Inc. Pokemon properties are trademarks of Nintendo.
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