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Everything you see on this page are mistakes made around Suta-Raito in the past. Just to proove that nobody is perfect and you shouldn't try to be. :}

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That link LIES!!
I remember someone e-mailing me about this error but I completely forgot about it until I got stuck on the page.

Same Color!?
Actually, this was also caught in one of the screencaps below, but I never pointed it out (and it was also like this in another section of the sidebar).

Even more Counting Errors.
I seem to be having a lot of problems with this caption page. xD

Another Counting Error.
Is it #1 or #8?

Twins, of course!
A lot of people told me about this double post, hehe.

Spelling errors RAWKKKKK
I looked over this page over and over to make SURE it was okay before I added it to S-R, but it still had an error on it. D=

ANOTHER error on that page, but this time it was there for 3 years!

Counting Error.
I appear to be having trouble counting.

Another bad spelling!
It's pretty bad to spell something wrong on a picture...

Caption Oops!
Double Post, Oh no!

Date Wrong Again!
But this time I spelled it gewd. BD

Akready is definitely a word!
It's had that spelling error for two years and nobody mentioned it...^^;

Making new layouts is harsh. xD

Fans help me out the most ^^
Fan-mail to let me know of some mistakes. Thanks Chii! *hug*

Drop of Doom!
The left TOC decided to tell me that I coded it wrong. xD

Adding Affiliates
Yeah, heh, weird...^^;;

Wow wrong date ^^;
I kept wondering why people kept posting in the tag board "Does this site EVER get updated?"
It was because I put the wrong date on the newest post. xD

Forgot the thumbnail...
I was updating the Misc. gallery one day...and...I forgot that this thumbnail was originally HUGE. xD Good thing I checked.

Return of the LINE!
After this happened I knew what the problem was, so it's fixed now. ^^

This line just appeared there and wouldn't go away! I tried everything...and then I decided to just type words above it. Heh..heh...

Big Pictures
The day I was uploading pages on S-R I decided to also change the Pokemon images around. I didn't mean for this to happen. ^^;

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