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Alternative Methods of Contact:
If you contact via any of the methdos below, it'll probably take longer for me to respond. Please be patient~
E-mail: Click Here to e-mail the Owner
MSN Instant Messenger:
I log onto instant messenger to handle issues mostly, so please don't add me if you just want to say hi. We have the forums for that. ;D

I usually get a lot of messages from parents trying to reassure that their child is on a safe website. Suta-Raito was designed for all ages, but we try to entertain the younger/teenage audience. If a visitor makes an account, they specify their age in the account and that will determine what pages they have access to. If they're not logged in, they only have access to the pages that don't require age verification and are safe for everyone.
If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

If you need to discuss legal issues, please send me an e-mail. Remember that we're a non-profit fansite, and any copyrighted characters are in no way claimed by us. Originally Suta-Raito was designed to offer graphics for other fansites to use in their webdesigns. Since then we've expanded and added features such as a user system, forums, and pets of our own, but these are simply extra features to entertain our members.

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