Welcome to the mutch disputed Wall of Shame! As many may find it humorous to see the little doodles and comments on the thefts listed, some others like to spoil everyone's day and complain that copying isn't stealing, and drawing the same exact character in the same exact post is simply a coincidence.
And hey! Maybe it is a coincidence, who really knows except the one who submitted it onto the internet? Well don't worry, we blurr out all the names everywhere so even if it is a mistake, nobody's at fault. The wall of shame has been really popular these past few years, and I highly doubt it's because people hate it so much.

Just remember that the comments on these are meant to be jokes. You don't have to take everything seriously, especially when looking at these pictures. Relax, have fun, laugh a little. =}

Older Catches

These are much, much older (a few years!) and you may notice a difference in the attitude towards them. Once we reached the 50 catch point, everything became a big joke instead of the serious "You shouldn't steal so be ashamed on the wall of shame!" In the more recent thefts you'll notice the calmer jokes.

This already won the Beauty Contest, but I guess they decided it could win again. 8D

Mah icon~
Baby kougra...in its natural habitat...

*yelp* If you're going to completely cover over a picture and change the species...why don't you take an extra 10 minutes to make your own pose? |D

xD And even MORE Ruki theft! Do I dare say it has risen above the kougra?

Some more Ruki madness! And again, another ruki theft.

Adoptable Theft...
The shoyru is one of the adoptables on Torakhe's petpage. ono

Ruki Madness!
The Ruki's are getting quite popular for stealing...

Making a statement.
Often times I'll neomail an owner if they copied and worked hard on it...because some really don't know that I don't allow it...but I just put in bold red font that copying is not allowed. >-o I can't make it any clearer than that. So now I'll just be adding them all to the WOS.

*tilts head*

Good editor! Indeed it is a good edit, but the bottom paws, tail, and head are IDENTICLE to my pirate lupe. @-@; Not to mention the pose.
But kudos to the editing job!

Beatiful and swete?
I hope it's not beatiful. o-o

No war for you!
Hehehe...the descriptions tend to get funnier as the days go by.

Return of the empty space!
Yaaarg, this bugs me too. ^-^;

Snip Snap
I don't like when thieves cut off my images. xD

Just when you think you've seen it all! o.O Why are these people so desperate!?

Oh Yeah BD
Kukuku, I say funny jokes.

I almost let this one slip, but when comparing both pictures up close...there are just too many similar things.

Confused now
Is it fake? Is it real? ...I don't know? ^-^;
-Removed by request-

Pet abuse!
Oh my goodness, they're getting violent o.o;

Or maybe not so rare?
And a week or two after the previous art gallery stealing, this gets in. ^-^;

Oo, rare
Ah, an art gallery thief. xD I don't get a lot of these since it's sort of hard to get into the AG...

Poor Dhevil xD
I'm pretty sure this was another joke. x3 She turns into a he and back to a she.

Species Check
This person would've been taken out of the BC anyway. The species was a Kyrii...and this is clearly my Grundo...

Poor Lupe
It's a fashion victim! Or, "fasion" as this person calls it.

I wonder
Do you all still read the comments I type here? xD;

My gosh...


Gender Issues
I really don't know which it is...^^;

Hello! =D I'm Eevee1!

She's in denial!!
-Removed by request- ;D

Please don't copy without permission.

Somebody deserves a refund from the beauty parlor...

Hola ^^
I guess I should put in all languages, "Do not use in beauty contest!" @.@; If they hadn't colored it white to pass off as their own picture, I would've thought it was a misunderstanding and not added it to the WOS. BUT...they messed it up and put it in the BC.

Ugg, if you're gonna steal pet images from another site, don't steal the ones I drew! ^^;

Coooooooopier Alert!
Directly copied and...put a hotdog in it's hands...xD

Paint Job!
Scared me...

Pretty Animation!
It really did look pretty, I just wish they hadn't used my uni.

Stealing the Fame?
And not doing a very good job of it!

Joke but still real
Yes this was actually in the beauty contest. x3 I know it's a joke though. You're all so funny sometimes. x3 (and I'm not mad about this, it made me laugh xDD)

Art Gallery
Ahh yes...the art gallery...I got so many e-mails from people about this. xD

Buaha, and you warn other people?
Isn't it funny when someone steals a picture and then warns other people not to steal it? xD

It's been a long time since a Digimon picture was stolen. xD
-Removed by request- =3
Editing in paint perhaps?
I'm tired of people editing and claiming! @.@

Umm...turned the kougra into a turkey..o-o

Kuitsuku stealer
I wouldn't have reported the username since they might have been just a fan, but stealing a picture I drew in the oekaki, taking out the color and claiming it is just WRONG.

They think they know another language....o-o

I said on the page, very clearly.

Poor pika...
Horribly edited the pikachu @-@

Copied and flipped my eevee pose. Stealing a pose is still stealing, yadda yadda. ^^; And come on, if you're going to steal an eevee picture...at least put it in the Wocky category.

Sketchy Filter
Baahhh...you really think you can get away with using a sketch filter on one of my images? @@; It's still my picture!

Mutant colored Korbat?
So desperate to steal and make it a mutant...><;

Kau kau!
I no vote for youuuu! >3

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