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Welcome to suta-raito! We're celebrating our 3rd birthday this year, and this news ticker was used on the first year Suta-Raito was born, so for the celebration...it...has...RETURNED! Annoying-ness: I'm gonna talk like Kenshin! That I am! Usually I don't watch Kenshin, that I don't...but I managed to catch it the other day on TV, that I did. Of course, it was the sad episode where he left everyone...that it was...*hisssss*... --~**~-- Is there an episode of Pokemon that team rocket isn't in? --~**~-- *runs around chasing Kuitsuku* Hey if you like to draw then you should check out suta-raito's oekakis! --~**~-- It has occured to me that a lot of people really do read this. So I'll keep typing meaningless stuff to amuse you all. -^^- --~**~-- I want a cookie. >3>....And a muffin. A cookie muffin.       ...with blueberries... --~**~-- Everything above this (well, mostly) was on the ticker 2 years ago! Oh the memories. And now, for some new stuff! --~**~-- If you want to contact me, but you can't figure out how...try clicking on the contact page. xD --~**~-- You're still reading this? --~**~-- Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.        ...you know you want to... --~**~--            HA! I bet you thought it was ending. NEVER!! --~**~-- Worms have been known to taste like bacon. o-o I wouldn't go munching on them for breakfast though.      Unless...you want to... --~**~-- Have a Neopets account? My username is kontinasu, go ahead and look me up! =3 --~**~-- Did you know that dolphins nap with one eye open? o.o That'd be a good skill for school. --~**~-- Ticky ticker ticky ticker.... --~**~-- On Suta-Raito's 2nd birthday, the counter was at 2 million visits. This year is our 3rd birthday, and the counter is at 8 million visits. =3 --~**~-- Well I'm going to end this now so I can draw some pictures. ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thanks for visiting Suta-Raito!

Suta-Raito's pages have moved! Click here to go to the new layout!

You'll see all new pictures, a new user system, and forums!
After two years of people stealing my art, I've finally decided to make a WALL OF SHAME! xD
Most of these are people stealing my neopet images/neopet layout. All names/usernames have been blurred off for safety. x3

PLEASE READ: I never, EVER actually look for people stealing my images. Everything in the WOS has been REPORTED TO ME BY FANS! And furthermore, I hardly ever have time to report stealers in the beauty contest or art gallery. So if you've stolen something and been frozen, it was because you were reported by fans who know that stealing is WRONG! So stop blaming me and thinking I'm a horrible person! >< If you steal, you deserve it!

Click on the images to see a full view. The red lines were drawn over the screencap.
Newest pictures are always at the top!

Go to page 2 -->

xD What's the point in stealing a picture that already won before? People are going to recognize it!

Mah icon @3@
Stole my baby kougra icon from Torakhe's petpage. I can recognize my art. >>;

If you're going to completely cover over a picture and change the species...why don't you take an extra 10 minutes to make YOUR OWN POSE. ><;

xD And even MORE Ruki theft! Do I dare say it has risen above the kougra?

Some more Ruki madness!
And again, another ruki theft.

Adoptable Theft...
The shoyru is one of the adoptables on Torakhe's petpage. o.O

Ruki Madness!
The Ruki's are getting quite popular for stealing...

Making a statement.
Often times I'll neomail an owner if they copied and worked hard on it...because some really don't know that I don't allow it...but I just put in bold red font that copying is not allowed. >-o I can't make it any clearer than that. So now I'll just be adding them all to the WOS.

*tilts head*

Good editor!
Indeed it is a good edit, but the bottom paws, tail, and head are IDENTICLE to my pirate lupe. @-@; Not to mention the pose.

Beatiful and swete?
I hope it's not beatiful. o-o

No war for you!
Hehehe...the descriptions tend to get funnier as the days go by.

Return of the empty space!
Yaaarg, this bugs me too. ^-^;

Snip Snap
I don't like when thieves cut off my images. xD

Just when you think you've seen it all! o.O Why are these people so desperate!?

Oh Yeah BD
Kukuku, I say funny jokes.

I almost let this one slip, but when comparing both pictures up close...there are just too many similar things.

Confused now
Is it fake? Is it real? ...I don't know? ^-^;

Poser xD
Stole the pose for a contest but after someone caught them (and I posted this as a comment on their gallery) they took down the image and redrew it. =3 So I blurred the name out...you'll never know who it was.

Pet abuse!
Oh my goodness, they're getting violent o.o;

Or maybe not so rare?
And a week or two after the previous art gallery stealing, this gets in. ^-^;

Oo, rare
Ah, an art gallery thief. xD I don't get a lot of these since it's sort of hard to get into the AG...

Poor Dhevil xD
I'm pretty sure this was another joke. x3 She turns into a he and back to a she.

Species Check
This person would've been taken out of the BC anyway. The species was a Kyrii...and this is clearly my Grundo...

Poor Lupe
It's a fashion victim! Or, "fasion" as this person calls it.

I wonder
Do you all still read the comments I type here? xD;

My gosh...


Gender Issues
I really don't know which it is...^^;

Hello! =D I'm Eevee1!

She's in denial!!

Copying is stealing, no need for further words. >.o;

Somebody deserves a refund from the beauty parlor...

Hola ^^
I guess I should put in all languages, "Do not use in beauty contest!" @.@; If they hadn't colored it white to pass off as their own picture, I would've thought it was a misunderstanding and not added it to the WOS. BUT...they messed it up and put it in the BC.

Ugg, if you're gonna steal pet images from another site, don't steal the ones I drew! ^^;

Coooooooopier Alert!
Directly copied and...put a hotdog in it's hands...xD

Paint Job!
Scared me...

Pretty Animation!
It really did look pretty, I just wish they hadn't used my uni.

Stealing the Fame?
And not doing a very good job of it!

Joke but still real <3
Yes this was actually in the beauty contest. x3 I know it's a joke though. You're all so funny sometimes. x3 (and I'm not mad about this, it made me laugh xDD)

Art Gallery
Ahh yes...the art gallery...I got so many e-mails from people about this. xD

Buaha, and you warn other people?
Isn't it funny when someone steals a picture and then warns other people not to steal it? xD

It's been a long time since a Digimon picture was stolen. xD

Kitana, NooooO!! xD
Theif found on Christmas Eve. ^^;;

Editing in paint perhaps?
I'm tired of people editing and claiming! @.@

Umm...turned the kougra into a turkey..o-o

Kuitsuku stealer
I wouldn't have reported the username since they might have been just a fan, but stealing a picture I drew in the oekaki, taking out the color and claiming it is just WRONG. >.<

They think they know another language....o-o

NO! Just...NO!!
I said on the page, NOT to be used ANYWHERE else. @-@

Poor pika...
Horribly edited the pikachu @-@

Copied and flipped my eevee pose. Stealing a pose is still stealing, yadda yadda. ^^; And come on, if you're going to steal an eevee picture...at least put it in the Wocky category.

Sketchy Filter
Baahhh...you really think you can get away with using a sketch filter on one of my images? @@; It's still my picture!

Mutant colored Korbat?
So desperate to steal and make it a mutant...><;

Kau kau!
I no vote for youuuu! >3

Go to the next page -->

Report some stuff for the Wall of Shame!
If you ever see any of the pictures from Suta-Raito in the Art Gallery, or the Beauty Contest, report them immediately to neopets.
BEFORE YOU REPORT THE PERSON TO NEOPETS: Make SURE the picture is located on Suta-Raito! I submitted a Kougra picture into the Art Gallery before (and I never put it on S-R) but some people neomailed me and told me it was stolen from S-R since the drawing style was so similar. (It was funny when I told them I own S-R x3)

I will NEVER submit pictures from Suta-Raito into the Art Gallery or Beauty Contest. If I ever enter the beauty contest, I will make sure to post it on S-R so you all know...and so that I get some votes of course. xD

Thank You Everybody!
Just a quick thank you to everybody who has reported stealers and told me about them. ^^ Keep up the awesome work!

If the Wall of Shame makes you mad or you think it's unfair, please read below:

For those of you who think that everyone in the world is a good honest person and half the pictures on this page aren't stolen and just coincidentally the same pose...you need to seriously rethink all of that.
I got an e-mail from one of the people on the WOS, and they didn't yell at me or bash me. They were extremely nice and wanted to let me know that they were unaware that copying was against the rules. They asked for their neopet username to be blurred out, so I did at first but then I took them down entirely because they were very nice and it was just a mistake. ^^ From now on I'll be blurring out all usernames incase something like this happens again.
Thinking everything is a coincidence and that I'm being incredibly mean for calling a lot of these people theifs...is just wrong on your behalf. The poses are not coincidences, my pictures really were stolen. I let the stealings pass for a whole year with just a warning, but when the summer started on the second year...I wasn't going to take it anymore and I started this Wall of Shame.
A lot of other popular artists know how it feels to have their pictures stolen and redistributed as somebody elses. It's NOT something an artist should have to go through. And when 6 people steal my images for the neopet beauty contest in ONE week, I don't think that should be allowed to just slip by.
So take that in mind before you e-mail me telling with anything similar to: "OMG u r so mean those people did not steal ur just thinking they did and omg ur so mean!!!!!!!!"
I'm not being mean, the people stealing my images need to be taught a lesson because stealing is against the law, illegal, not allowed, and furthermore not tolerated by me.

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All Images and Layouts on Suta-Raito were drawn by the webmistress
and should not be stolen, copied or claimed in any way by anybody else unless copyrighted by law.

Pokemon is © 1995-2010 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAMEFREAK Inc. Pokemon properties are trademarks of Nintendo.

Any other animes are copyrighted to their respected owners and the characters are in no way claimed by Suta-Raito. We are merely a fansite devoted to bringing new images to the public.

Neopet images and names are TM & © 2000 - 2010 NeoPets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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