Welcome to the mutch disputed Wall of Shame! As many may find it humorous to see the little doodles and comments on the thefts listed, some others like to spoil everyone's day and complain that copying isn't stealing, and drawing the same exact character in the same exact post is simply a coincidence.
And hey! Maybe it is a coincidence, who really knows except the one who submitted it onto the internet? Well don't worry, we blurr out all the names everywhere so even if it is a mistake, nobody's at fault. The wall of shame has been really popular these past few years, and I highly doubt it's because people hate it so much.

Just remember that the comments on these are meant to be jokes. You don't have to take everything seriously, especially when looking at these pictures. Relax, have fun, laugh a little. =}

These are the most recent finds. They list from newest to oldest (top to bottom). You can find 111 older thefts in the old wall of shame. We decided to separate them because of the time gap between the newest and older.

Click here to see the old Wall of Shame

Baby eyrie theft two!

Stolen from my rainbow Kougra's adoptables page. It's not even an adoptable..it's the one I drew of my kougra. xD

Old buddy old pal.

This is my character, Akitsuu. I'm seeing more and more things taken from my galleries outsite of Suta-Raito (bet they didn't think they'd end up here).

This one wasn't cool at all. I drew this for a friend and had to take it down so it wouldn't happen again. =C

First baby eyrie theft. =O

I know how they feel. ;D

I have to admit, their handwriting looks pretty cool.

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