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Suta-Raito's pages have moved! Click here to go to the new layout!

You'll see all new pictures, a new user system, and forums!

Click here to visit Tyrannia
The prehistoric land of...prehistoric...ness...o-o
What can you do in Tyrannia?  Well, you games...get a free omelette, buy some prehistoric furniture, prehistoric food and petpets!

Tyrannian Jungle:
Tyranu Evavu:What an odd name for a game, right? This is basically a luck game. There are two cards, one is turned over and one is not. You have to guess if the card (facing down) is higher, tyranu, or lower, evavu, than the one that's not facing down.
Go to Tyranu Evavu>>
Volcano Run: In this game you play as Glubgar the Scorchie. The object of the game is to not hit any walls or blocks...or anything except crystals. Clouds slow you down and shields protect you from one crash.
Go to Volcano Run>>
Tyrannian Petpets: Most are dynosaurs, others are scary, some are adorable. ^^
Go to the Tyrannian Petpets Shop>>
Chia Bomber: Chia Bombers have invaded Geoffrey Chia's neighbourhood and it's your mission to stop them! Guide Geoffrey through the rocks and shoot the Chia Bombers with water-balloons.
Go to Chia Bomber>>
Cave Paintings: If you like to color stuff, you'll love this page! It gives you pictures in black and white that you print out and color yourself. Neopets might be updating this page soon...the pictures look old and even I could draw them better. ^.^;
Go to Cave Paintings>>
The Wheel of Mediocrity: A game similar to the Faerie Wheel, but it's not the best game to play unless you're extremely lucky. Even if you are lucky enough to don't win much at all. The max is 1000 neopoints.
Go to The Wheel of Mediocrity>>
Tyrammet Village: A Tyrannian Village that had been overpowered by Tyrammet for five years. Tyrammet has been defeated though and this page is just...laying there...xD
Go to Tyrammet Village>>
Keno: This is another luck game. You pick 2 to 10 eggs, pick an amount to bet and hope that at least half the eggs you clicked actually hatch.
Go to Keno>>
Tyrannian Furniture: A poker game neopet style. Level one costs 150 neopoints to play, however I've never played this game and I'm not about to so there's not much I know about it. ^^;
Go to the Tyrannian Furniture Store>>
Tyrannian Food: Come buy some prehistoric food from this shopkeeper that doesn't seem to speak english! "Uggh-Ugga-Ugg!"
Go to the Tyrannian Food Shop>>

Tyrannian Plateau: Home to the famous Giant Omelette!
Giant Omelette: The story goes that hundreds of years ago, a dynosaur layed a GIANT egg. The egg cracked and started to bake on the Tyrannian Plateau and ever since then it's been here. HOWEVER...some times in the day the omelette is gone and you have to wait for another egg to hatch. So apparently it's not hundreds of years old. xD Anyway, the omelette is free (when it's there) and it will feed your neopets three times.
Go to the Giant Omelette>>
Chomby and the Fungus Balls: In this game you have to guide the Chomby to the next level and dodge the fungus balls everywhere. Something I find funny: Neopets says "If the game stops at the start of level 6, just press the Space Bar to get it going again." xDD
Go to Chomby and the Fungus Balls>>
Go! Go! Go!: Oh gosh...this is a card game with a really big explination and I'm too lazy to summarize it. If you like card games, click the link below, read the directions and have fun. ^.^;;
Go to Go! Go! Go!>>
Wheel of Monotony: I suggest playing this game whenever you have plenty of time on your hands. It takes about 2 hours for the wheel to stop spinning, and you can't claim your prize until it stops. The prizes may be big though. You can win a tyrannian paint brush, tyrannian petpet paint brush, a LOT of neopoints and many other prizes. However, it can also harm your neopets. Nothing a little potion can't fix.
Go to Invasion of Meridell>>
Destruct-O-Match: A logic game that's fun and hard at the same time. Blocks are set up on the screen and it's your job to knock them down by clicking on a type of color. If there are two or more of the same color of blocks touching each other, you can click on them and they will disappear. You need to get a certain number of points to go onto the next round though, which makes it a logic challenge. The more blocks you knock down in one click, the more points you get.
Go to Destruct-O-Match>>
Tyrannian Weaponry: "Gal-aka-fyaaaar!" says the shopkeeper, whatever that means. Check out this shop if you're into firey battledome weapons.
Go to the Tyrannian Weaponry Shop>>
Concert Hall: Treat your neopets to an afternoon of music! The concert hall features many different neobands that play on different nights. Sometimes you get free prizes from seeing the concerts!
Go to the Concert Hall>>
Ticket Booth: Can't get into the Concert Hall without a ticket!
Go to the Ticket Booth>>
Kacheekers: A multiplayer game that's basically like checkers. You can even play a live game with your neofriends!
Go to Kacheekers>>
Pterattack: In this game you play a Pteri and the goal is to shoot as many Pterodactyls and Grarrls as you can. Watch out for the grarrl's though, they can attack you from behind at any time!
Go to Pterattack>>
Lair of the Beast: Do you dare venture into the dark Lair of the Beast? I did! No big deal, you're taken to a screen where a Pterodactyl screams at you.
Go to the Lair of the Beast>>
Tyrannia Arena: Battles your neopets in this stone arena!
Go to the Tyrannia Arena>>
Town Hall: Another page that has absolutely nothing to do on it. ^^;; The council of tyrannian elders meet here during an emergency.
Go to Town Hall- >>

That concludes this walkthrough, be sure to look at the the many other lands of Neopia!

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