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Welcome to suta-raito! We're celebrating our 3rd birthday this year, and this news ticker was used on the first year Suta-Raito was born, so for the celebration...it...has...RETURNED! Annoying-ness: I'm gonna talk like Kenshin! That I am! Usually I don't watch Kenshin, that I don't...but I managed to catch it the other day on TV, that I did. Of course, it was the sad episode where he left everyone...that it was...*hisssss*... --~**~-- Is there an episode of Pokemon that team rocket isn't in? --~**~-- *runs around chasing Kuitsuku* Hey if you like to draw then you should check out suta-raito's oekakis! --~**~-- It has occured to me that a lot of people really do read this. So I'll keep typing meaningless stuff to amuse you all. -^^- --~**~-- I want a cookie. >3>....And a muffin. A cookie muffin.       ...with blueberries... --~**~-- Everything above this (well, mostly) was on the ticker 2 years ago! Oh the memories. And now, for some new stuff! --~**~-- If you want to contact me, but you can't figure out how...try clicking on the contact page. xD --~**~-- You're still reading this? --~**~-- Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.        ...you know you want to... --~**~--            HA! I bet you thought it was ending. NEVER!! --~**~-- Worms have been known to taste like bacon. o-o I wouldn't go munching on them for breakfast though.      Unless...you want to... --~**~-- Have a Neopets account? My username is kontinasu, go ahead and look me up! =3 --~**~-- Did you know that dolphins nap with one eye open? o.o That'd be a good skill for school. --~**~-- Ticky ticker ticky ticker.... --~**~-- On Suta-Raito's 2nd birthday, the counter was at 2 million visits. This year is our 3rd birthday, and the counter is at 8 million visits. =3 --~**~-- Well I'm going to end this now so I can draw some pictures. ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thanks for visiting Suta-Raito!

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Pokemon Jokes!
Below are tons of jokes related to Pokemon. There are Line jokes, Question and Answer jokes, and even Tongue Twisters! Most of these were sent in as well. If you can think of a funny joke, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how to send it in. ^-^

Line Jokes

Pikachu: Pika, kaka, chu, pika!
Ash: What? Team Rocket stole Misty and won't give her back? Come on Brock, let's go!
Brock: Uh, Ash...
Ash: Not now, we have to hurry!
Misty: Ash, I'm right here!
Ash: Hurry!!
Misty: Ash!!!!!!
*Ash turns around*
Ash: Misty, how did you escape from team rocket?
Misy Brock and Pikachu: ... Pikachu: *pointing* Look! It's Team Rocket!
Ash: Huh? *looks in direction that Pikachu is pionting, nothing's there* Very funny, Pikachu.
Pikachu: Hahaha!... *points* Look! It's Team Rocket!
Ash: Huh? *looks in direction that Pikachu is pionting, nothing's there* Okay, I'm not falling for any more jokes.
Pikachu: Okay. *looks suprised* LOOK!!! IT'S TEAM ROCKET!!!! *pointing*
Ash: I'm not falling for that one again. *Team Rocket snatches Pikachu*
Sent in by: Mononoke Hime

Pikachu: Pi.
Ash: Geez! You didn't have to tell me! just find a bush and go!
*Pikachu looks at a bush*
Pikachu: Pika.
Ash: No I wont peek! just go!
Pikachu: Pika-a-CHU!
Ash: Great! Now you have a cold!
Pikachu: Pikachu! *Pikachu Zaps ash* pi-pika-pikachu-chu-chu-chu
Brock: Ash it doesn't take a brain in order to know pikachu is hungry!
Sent In By: Sala

Misty: *Looks back at Brock who is walking slow* Come on Brock! Don't be a slowpoke!
Ash: Huh?! Wheres a slowpoke? I gotta catch em' all!
Misty: I was talking to brock -_-
Ash: What?! Brock is a slowpoke?! *Throws a poke'ball at Brock*
Brock: Ouch.....x_X
Sent In by:Spyro201

Ash: What are the secrets of pikachu?
Pikachu: I don't know, we are not mysterious... :X I mean, Pika pi?
Ash: I know one secret...
Sent In By: SkyeFox@aol.com

(from the 2nd movie)
Misty: ...and the world will turn to Ash. That means you Ash!
Bob: What? My name is Bob.
Sent in by: Elsei

Pikachu: Pi pi!
Ash: Gross.... pikachu! Clean it up, for the sake of pete!
Misty: -.-'
Brock: Misty, NOW do you want a brother?
Misty: Ehem. Yeah, as long as he has a brain.
Ash: Hey look! A "poop" itar!
Misty and brock: Okay. Never mind.
Sent in by: Ashlee

Ash: *runs into the poke center* Nurse joy, I think I caught something!
Joy: Oh my, your Koffing, Wheezing and sneezing!
Ash: Hey, one problem....
Joy: What's that?
Ash: Where's Sneasel come in?
Joy: Huh?
Ash: There are 3 pokemon that always have a cold...You said two, but-
Joy: What are the pokemon?
Ash: I'm koffing, Wheezing, and here's my Sneasel! Go, Sneasel, Koffing, Wheezing!
Joy: *laughs* Good one, ash....
Sent in by: nick

Question and Answer Jokes:

Q: What do you get when you put Ash in a room full of 10 fighting Charizard?
A: Ash and 10 Charizard [ash = cinders].
Sent In by:Raichu, [URL]

Q: Why did the owl Pokemon read a comic book?
A: Because he thought it would be a hoot-hoot!
Sent In By: MegadexXL@cs.com

Q: What is the depressed Pikachu called?
A: Pikablu!
Sent In By: Eevee2

Q: Why don't you take a shower with a Pokemon?
A: Because it will Pikachu! (Peek - at - you)
Sent In By: eric1514

Q: Why won't you want a pokemon?
A:Because it will poke you!
Sent in By: ~Moku~

Q: Why did Ash capture a donut instead of a Pokemon?
A: He wanted to have a Pokeball sandwich.

Q: What did the pokemon say when he went to the poke center?
A: Help! My Bulb is sore! (Bula-saur)
Sent in by: Stephen

Q: What does a Pokemon with allergys say?
A: Pika CHU!!
Sent in by: Brendolyn

Q: How do you get a pikachu on a bus?
A: You pokemon! (poke him on)
Sent in by: Susanne

Q: What do you call a bunch of food that won't stop moving?
A: A Wobuffet! (a wobbly buffet!)
Sent in by: ?? o.o;

Q: What is a low-fat pokemon?
A: A butter-Free!
Sent in by: Tails

Q: What kind of Pokemon do you catch when you have a cold?
A: A Koffing!
Sent in by: Orca Chick

Q: What did the boy Charmander say to his date?
A: You just set me on fire!
Sent in by: agent_izzy

Q: Why did the Pichu go to the bathroom?
A: It had to go "Pi".
Sent in by: Kath

Q: What Pokemon is good at geography?
A: A Geodude
Sent in by: crfultz

Q: How do you find professor Oak?
A: Find a Oak tree
Sent In By: Sala

Q: What did the pokemon teacher say to the pokemon trainer when he just walked in the door?
A: Rhydon time! (rhy-don, right on)
Sent In By: Cappy

Q: What does an Oddish drink out of?
A: An Odd Dish!
Sent In By: Sparky

Q: Which two pokemon always have a cold?
A: Koffing and Sneezle!
Sent In by:Jeffrey

Q: How many Psyduck's do you need to turn on the lamp?
A: None because they don't do that!
Sent In by:Jolyne

Q: What pokemon has athsma?
A: Weezing! (wheezing)
Sent In by:Laura

Q: What did Ash say when he became a Pokemon Master?
A: I Numel!(Numel, know 'em all)
Sent In by:Ratti, Neopets username alkutah, [URL]

Q: What pokemon sighs all the time?
A: A Psyduck!
Sent In by:Vickie

Q: What time is it when a pretty lady falls in love with Brock?
A: Smoochum time!
Sent In by:Anna

Q: Where does a Goldeen deposit its money?
A: In a water-bank!
Sent In by:Alejandro

Q: Why did every one run out of the pokemon center?
A: Because someone dropped a Wooper!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: What do you call a french pokemon?
A: Pariss!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: What do you call a happy pokemon?
A: A Blissey!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: What happens after the sun comes up?
A: The Dewgon! (dew has gone)
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: What pokemon don't you want in the garden?
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: what pokemon can hellp you with art?
A: Scizor!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: What dose a pokemon say when its told "no"?
A: Wawnut? (why not)
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: How many mews would it take to change a lightbulb?
A: One, but you have to find it first!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: How dose a pokemon say goodbye?
A: Latios Emegos!
Sent In by:~NNY!~

Q: Where should you go during a hurricane?
A: To a Shellder! (shelter)
Sent In by:MiNngxmiNng

Q: What does a jack-in-the-box say?
A: Pop goes the Sneasel!
Sent In by:Cameron

Q: What's the Pokemon that caffiene addicts love?
A: Koffing! (coffee)
Sent In by:Mel

Tongue Twisters

How many Pikachus can a Pikachu pick if a Pikachu could pick Pikachus?
Wigglytuff met Jugglypuff and then came Igglybuff
How much chocolate could a Charizard chug if a Charizard could chug chocolate?
Sent in by: A.K.

Poke a petrified Pikachu. (say 10 times fast)
A Raichu beat up Team Rocket with a rake and two rocks.
Sent in by: Elsei

How odd could an Oddish be if an Oddish could be odd?
Sent in by:rock chick

Misty met May and Max's mom's Mr. Mime.
Sent in by:Betty

How much sand could a Sandslash slash if a Sandslash could slash sand?
Sent in by:Phillip

How much could Gardevoir guard if Gardevoir was gaurding the guard?
Sent in by:gardevoir724

How many Lickitungs could a Lickitung lick if a Lickitung could lick Lickitungs?
How many Pinsars could a Pinsar pinch if a Pinsar could pinch Pinsars?
Sent in By: i_smell_funny626

Ash ate apples at eight o'clock A.M.
Sent in By: NightmareSnake

How many oxen would an Onix own if an Onix could own oxen?
Sent in By: c00lgirl

How many tails could a ninetales have if a ninetales could have more than ninetails?
Sent in By: Cameron

If you can think of a funny Pokemon joke, click here to send it in!
#1: Remember to include your name in the e-mail so I can give you credit for the joke.
#2: Only the funniest jokes will be added, so send in your best!
#3: Please don't have any cursing or inappropriate stuff in your joke. Suta-Raito is for people of all ages so there are some younger kids who read these. ^^;
#4: Make sure the subject of the e-mail is "Poke Jokes" or else I might not read the e-mail!

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