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Welcome to suta-raito! We're celebrating our 3rd birthday this year, and this news ticker was used on the first year Suta-Raito was born, so for the celebration...it...has...RETURNED! Annoying-ness: I'm gonna talk like Kenshin! That I am! Usually I don't watch Kenshin, that I don't...but I managed to catch it the other day on TV, that I did. Of course, it was the sad episode where he left everyone...that it was...*hisssss*... --~**~-- Is there an episode of Pokemon that team rocket isn't in? --~**~-- *runs around chasing Kuitsuku* Hey if you like to draw then you should check out suta-raito's oekakis! --~**~-- It has occured to me that a lot of people really do read this. So I'll keep typing meaningless stuff to amuse you all. -^^- --~**~-- I want a cookie. >3>....And a muffin. A cookie muffin.       ...with blueberries... --~**~-- Everything above this (well, mostly) was on the ticker 2 years ago! Oh the memories. And now, for some new stuff! --~**~-- If you want to contact me, but you can't figure out how...try clicking on the contact page. xD --~**~-- You're still reading this? --~**~-- Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.        ...you know you want to... --~**~--            HA! I bet you thought it was ending. NEVER!! --~**~-- Worms have been known to taste like bacon. o-o I wouldn't go munching on them for breakfast though.      Unless...you want to... --~**~-- Have a Neopets account? My username is kontinasu, go ahead and look me up! =3 --~**~-- Did you know that dolphins nap with one eye open? o.o That'd be a good skill for school. --~**~-- Ticky ticker ticky ticker.... --~**~-- On Suta-Raito's 2nd birthday, the counter was at 2 million visits. This year is our 3rd birthday, and the counter is at 8 million visits. =3 --~**~-- Well I'm going to end this now so I can draw some pictures. ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thanks for visiting Suta-Raito!

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Welcome to the Pokemon Interviews! These are basically funny stories of people interviewing the characters of the anime Pokemon. Scroll to the bottom of the screen if you want to send in your own interview for Pokemon!
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Most Recent Interviews:

Kerrigan: SO, we’re here today with the one and only Ash – Ket – chum…
Ash: *playing with a thread on his shirt*
Kerrigan: ASH.
Ash: WHAT! Oh, sorry.
Kerrigan: Anyway, we’re here today with Ash Ketchum. How are you today, Ash?
Ash: Pretty good.
Kerrigan: Okay, well. We have a few questions to ask during our show if you would...just...
Ash: *playing with his fingernails*
Kerrigan: ASH.
Ash: WHAT! Oh, sorry.
Kerrigan: -_-‘’ ANYWAY.
Pikachu: PIKA! *flashes a peace sign*
Ash: *looks at Pikachu*
Kerrigan: Ash.
Ash: What?
Kerrigan: Anyway, how does it feel to be one of the greatest trainers of all time?
Ash: Well...I get free underwear.
Kerrigan: ...o_O...
Ash: And food. Food’s good.
Pikachu: Pika. Chu. Chu, Pikachu.
Ash: And, I get to hang out with Pikachu.
Charmander: CHAR CHAR!
Ash: And Charmander.
Pidgeotto: Pidget.
Ash: And Pidgeotto.
Kerrigan: -_-‘’ Okay...
Ash: *pokes Pikachu’s tail*
Kerrigan: What’s it like traveling all around the world?
Ash: Well...it gets kind of annoying.
Kerrigan: Really? Tell us about it.
Ash: Well, the Pokemon are always stealing food, Pikachu’s a pig...
Pikachu: O_O
Ash: ...And it gets really sucky when you have to sleep on the ground all the time...
Pikachu: -_-‘’
Kerrigan: Uh huh.
Ash: ...and the underwear shortage is horrible.
All: O_o
Kerrigan: You just said you get free underwear though.
Ash: Only when I run into an underwear store.
Pikachu: >.<
Kerrigan: uh...
Charmander: Char char.
Pikachu: Pikaaa...
Kerrigan: OH S –
Pikachu: ...CHUUU!!!!!!!!
All: X.X
Ash: WTH?!
All: O_O
Charmander: You can talk?
Sent in by: Kari Tryk [Website]

*Talk show theme plays*
*Audience claps*
Clarise: Hello all! Today on the show we will be interviewing Team Rocket!
*Team Rocket walks in*
*Audience claps so loud Clarise falls over due to dying because of so much noise*
Jesse: *mutters evilly* Now that she is gone! We can take over this show!
James: Yes... But first... *Goes to sit in talk show chair* I feel so neglected. *cries* All we ever do is fight fight fight... Why can't it be nice for once...
Jesse: *Blink* I think we need help. *Drags James out of the building*
James: *Cries* NOOO! I wanted to be the start. *Starts whining and struggling.
*Kagome appears out of nowhere.*
Kagome: Not again...
Sent in by: Clarise

Pippy: Hello, and welcome to Random Interviews with Random People. Today, we have Brock with us.
Brock: You're cute.
Pippy: *sweatdrop* You think that a pichu like me is cute? Anyway...what attracts you to so many women?
Brock: *stares with a dreamy look on his face* puuuuuurdy bows.
Pippy: Wha..what? *puffs up bows on her ears* You really think so?
Brock: *nods*
Pippy: Well...next question. What is your favorite pokemon?
Brock: You of course!
* Officer Jenny walks in*
Brock: Oh, hi Officer! *waves*
Pippy: O.O
Officer Jenny: I'm sorry, I guess you weren't informed about the incident Brock had. Officer Jenny in Goldenrod shot him with a tranquilizer gun for getting too close to Whitney.
Pippy: O.o What the...
Officer Jenny: *pulls dart out of Brocks* He should be better now.
Brock: *snaps back* Where am I? *looks at Jenny* THERE YOU ARE! *chases her*
Pippy: Well, that's all we have for today. BUH BYE!
Sent in by: Pippy

Ashley: *walks onstage* Welcome to...uh...^.^' LINE!
May: Would you hurry it up already!?
Ashley: I'm trying! *nervous smile* Um, welcome to our show! Today we're inteviewing Mew.
May: It's MAY! M-A-Y!
Ashley: I mean May! Now, May, is it true that you sleep with a teddy bear named Bobobo, feel very jealous of Misty, and that you are a secret agent for Team Rocket!?
May: O.o' What!? You know nothing about me! You! *eyes turn to flames* I'll show you a real Dragon Rage!!
Ashley; *switches places with Ash, her brother*
Ash: Yahhhhhh!!
Delia: Ash! I hope you remembered to change your underwear!
Ashley: That's all the...Ahh!! Time we've GOT! GOOD-BYE! SEE YA NEXT TIME!
Sent in by: ~Shipposhi~

Loud Voice: And now, everyone's favourite femme fatale, Sandie!
*audience cheers*
*sandie walks on from backstage*
Sandie: Thank you, thank you. Welcome to today's episode of 24 Carrot Confusion!
*audience throws roses and cheers*
Sandie: Today's guest is...*drum roll* Ash Ketchup!
*Ash walks on*
Ash: It's 'Ketchum'.
Guy In Audience: You're name sounds like 'catch 'em" like from the show!
*people laugh*
Sandie: *giggle* It does.
*Ash starts firing little balls of psychic energy at audience*
Sandie: ... *looks at the zipper on "Ash's" forehead.* *pulls it*
*Audience gasps*
Sandie: Oh my good golly gosh! It's MewTwo!
MewTwo: You all will dine on my fury!
*Ash hops on stage bound and gagged*
Ash: *spits out a sock* I'm being held here against my will!
Mewtwo: Shut up human! *kicks ash*
Sandie: .. GET THEM!
*audience runs from stands and attack mewtwo and ash*
Sandie: Mwahahahahaa! *steps out of the fray*
Sandie: Well, thanks for watching! Tune in next time for another interview!
*chair flies across stage*
Sandie: If there's anything left of the set...
Audience guy: Let's disect MewTwo!
*audience roars of approval*
Sandie: Hey this sounds like fun *cackle*
Sent in by: Sandie [Website]

Melissa: Okay! Welcome to Pokemon gym leader interviews! Today, I'm interviewing gym leader Brock, from Petwer town.
Brock: *crashes into wall, then crashes into chair, and sits down.*
Melissa: o.o Um...yeah. Anyway, on with the inteview! So, Brock, tell us, do you really love EVERY Nurse Joy?
Brock: *turns head toward camra instead of me* Well, of course I do!
Melissa: -.- I'm over here. *turns Brock's head toward me* So, some of our veiwers wanted to know why you won't open your eyes. Why won't you?
Brock: Hey! Just because I like tons and tons of girls dosn't mean-
Brock: ...
Melissa: Oops! Looks like were out of time! See you all next week on: Pokemon gym leader interviews!
Brock: I'm out of here. *bangs into door before opening it*
Melissa: -.-;
Sent in by: icegirl902

Host: So today, on How To Confuse The Audiance, we have a Pikachu!
:: Audiance Claps::
Pikachu: Pi...? [Hi?]
Host: How much poke'food would a shellder eat if a shellder could eat poke'food?
Pikachu: Pi pika pi pikachu! [Shellder can eat poke'food!]
Host: :: Buzzer Sounds:: Nope, the correct answer is... THREE BAGS OF FOOD! Next question...
Pikachu: Pi pika... [But how...?]
Host: No time for that, little buddy. How many Charmanders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Pikachu: Pi... Pika? [What's a lightbulb?]
Host: :: Buzzer Again:: NOPE! It's 5 and 2/3!
Pikachu: Pi! Pi pi pikachu?! [2/3 of a Charmander?!]
Host: You betcha! Last question... please recite the alphabet!
Pikachu: Pika, pi,pi, pi, pik, pi, pikachu... [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Host: WRONG-O! The correct answer is, "pi, pi, pika..." [*censored*]
Pikachu: PI PI PIKA! PIKACHU! [Nobody insluts MY mother!]
:: Protective Glass Screen surrounds Pikachu ::
Host: Wow! That's a live one! Only took three questions to set this bad boy off!
Sent in by: Lucky

-a Vulpix walks in and sits on a chair-
Angel: Okay, I'm waiting. Are they coming or what?
Director: Yeah...okay...here they are. Ready and....Action!
-a light appears on the stage-
Angel: Hello I'm Angel (the *attractive* *beautiful* *gorgeous* vulpix) and I'm here hosting an interview today (cause I haven't got anything better to do ._.)
Ash: -walks on stage, muttering to Pikachu- I hate publicity.
Pikachu: Pikaaaaa.
Angel: Erm xD Okay Ash, how does it feel to be the star of your very own show?
Ash: I hate it.
Angel: O_O And why is that?
Ash: In every movie, I practically kill myself! In the first movie, I got shocked by Mew and Mewtwo. Then I had to save Lugia and stuff. Then, I got quite a few scrapes escaping from Entei. Then-
Angel: -perplexed- You must be feeling distressed. I'll get a sandwich.. -walks offstage-
Pikachu: Pi.
Angel: Ahh here we are! -puts a sandwich on the table- Enjoy!
Ash: -takes sandwich-
Angel: You idiot thats my sandwich.
Ash: BROCK! Is this YOUR Vulpix?! Its annoying!
Angel: -narrows eyes- You sir couldn't do anything better than insult a little pokemon!
Ash: Are you challenging me?!
Angel: -fries Ash with fire, then skips away with Pikachu-
Director: -crumples up paper- Yet another interview down the drain...
Cameraman: We still have Misty...
Director: -runs away screaming- Oh spare me!
Sent in by: Angel

Raichu3: Today I have a speacil treat! It will be conpared to my LAST interview -.-
Raichu3: My mother! Give it up for my mother!
*Pikachu walks in with a pink bow on head*
Pikachu: Pika?
Raichu3: Erm, yes. I do eat enough
Pikachu: Pika pi?
Raichu3: Yes, I did evolve....
Pikachu: Chu?
Raichu3: 0.0...yes, I have slept...
Raichu3: Hey! You're not my mother! *rips off bow and of comes a costume, revealing Vegeta*
Raichu3: Oh no! The guy whos tries to kill me! *runs off*
Vegeta: @.@ Now I shall dispose of this rat! *runs after Raichu3*
Raichu3: NOT A RAT! A MOUSE!
Camraman: That's a rap!
Sent in by: Raichu3

Raichu3: So, Ash. You wanna catch'em all
Ash: Yup
Raichu3: How many pokemon have you cought, anyway?
Ash: *stokes chin while adds mass numbers in head* Around, 287?
Raichu3: Um, you don't know, do you?
Ash: o.0....Well...I know I'll have one more if I catch you! *raises a pokeball*
Raichu3: Catch me, and this interviews OVER!
Pikachu: Ash! You don't need that crummy old Raichu when you can have me! The preevolution!
Raichu3: That's right! I- Hey! Just who are you calling crummy? *sparks from cheeks*
Pikachu: Didn't you hear me? Or are your big ears too big for your head! *sparks*
Ash: That makes no sense....
Mewtwo: Neither dose this! *tap dances with top hat*
Pikachu+Raichu+Ash: o.0.....
Raichu: *shakes fist* you're going to pay! *thundershocks*
Pikachu: You're going to eat those words! *shocks*
Cameraman: Please stand by....
Ash: .......Banana?........
Sent in by: Raichu3

Ash Interview
Kali: Hello today we will be finding out the mysterious secrets of Ash Ketchum on 'Finding out secrets of people'.
Ash: Hello
Kali: Hello, lets get right to the point. Is it true that you are really a girl named Victoria?
Ash: *in girly voicce* Oh no! *in manly voice* Why would you say that?
Kali: *stares suspiciously at him* I would say that because the director spilled on yourmost weirdest secrets...Come on out Director!
*Director comes out waving to everyone*
Kali:Hello how are you today? Can you tell us more about Ash really being a girl named Victoria?
*Ash starts to sweat*
Director: Sure, you see Ash is really a girl. We hired him when he was a girl. Then after season 1 finished, he came back as a boy named Ash. He has always been confused.
*Ash starts to tip-toe away*
Kali: Oh no you dont!
Ash *while running away*: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kali: Well now you know that Ash Ketchum is really a girl named Victoria. See you next time. This is Kali signing off. *big fake smile*
Directer of the show: AND Cut! Great show. Now what if he sues us?
Sent in by: Kali

The Charmander
Me: Well, uh, I’m here interviewing Charmander. Well, what would you like to tell the crowd?
Charmander: Char-Char, Charmander, char-char. Charmander, Char. (I would prefer to tell them that you are a soul that I would not like to ever lay my eyes on. Fellow Charmanders here me out, this girl is a mindless…..)
Me: Well, um, I didn’t quite catch that, but… um… the crowd seems to have enjoyed it.
Crowd of Poke’mon: *laughing, screaming, and other cheering sounds*
Me: Well, how does it feel being Ash’s charmander?
Charmander: Char-char, charmander, char. Char-char, charmander, char-char char! (My friends, the girl thinks that I am speaking the answers to the questions she asks!)
Crowd of Poke’mon: *bursts into loud, roaring laughter*
Me: Um, oooooook, well, let us get someone to come up here and mingle with you and ask you questions and stuff. Um, you the pikachu in the back, the one wearing the green sweater. *gets confused look on her face as the pikachu wearing clothes comes on stage*
Charmander: Char-char. Charmander. (Well, she is completely mindless.)
Pikachu: Pika pika pi! Pikachu! (I know! Can you believe it! Her brain has to be smaller than an acorn.)
Charmander: Char-char charmander! (You are correct and she…)
Charmander and Pikachu: (oops)
Sent in by: Becky KoolKitty

Becky Sheepeh: Hello, and welcome to...*squints eyes and leans forward to see her lines on the card* ..BokeInterloos...er...PokeInterviews! Jigglypuff: Jiggly Jig! (Introduce me!)
Becky Sheepeh: Our special Pokemon being interviewed today is...Jigglypuff!
Jigglypuff: *stands on the top of her chair and starts bowing* Jiggy Jiggle (Thank you! I love you all!)
*audience is silent*
Becky Sheepeh: 0_0 er...yes...let's start the interview..!
Becky Sheepeh: sooo...Jigglypuff...it must be very confusing in your family because of all the similar names like Igglybuff, Wigglytuff...
Jigglypuff: Jiggo Jiggy jaggy (But i'm the BEST singer!) jiiigg...
*everyone falls asleep*
Jigglypuff: ...My big chance...phht...I'm never listening to my family again! *storms off stage*
*2 hours later*
Becky Sheepeh: *wakes up* yaaawn...thats it for todays interview...see you tomorrow! *puts hand on face* what the...?!...WET MARKER PEN?!....I QUIT!
Sent in by: Becky Sheepeh

Marina: Hiya! *waves* marina here... not to be confused with thepokemon character Marina... but I'm totally original and-
Ash: *cuts in* can we get on with this thing? They didn't come to hear about you...
Marina: T_T; baka... *erm! *clears throat* I'm here interviewing Ash Ketchum of Pallet town, whom I just so happened to meet when-
Ash: Do you have questions to ask me? Or am I here to hear about you?
Marina: >> hush Ketchup...
Ash: O.O; h-hey!
Marina: okay... *looks at paper contently* so, Ash... for my first question...
Ash: *sits up, preparing himself*
Marina: .... what IS your favorite color?
Ash: *animefalls*
Marina: *blinks* it was a simple question... don't get all tripped about it...
Ash: *pulls himself up in his chair* u-uhhhhmmm... blue?
Marina: figured *write it down* Do you have a favorite pokemon?
ash: No! pokemon are equal in all ways, it depends on the trainer that-
Marina: okay... moving on...
Pink Pikachu: *climbs on Marina's shoulder* pika!
Ash: o.O; it's pink....
Marina: hmm? yeah? so? I have a purple charmander too... so what?
Ash: .... why couldn't it be blue? or green? or something other than pink?
Pink Pikachu: T_T+ *miffed*
Ash: I mean... pink is such a girly color... and it's so gross
Marina: T_T;; did you come to insult my pokemon? or to answer questions!?
Ash: I mean Pink of all colors! what about white if-
Marina: *pulls out watergun and sprays ash*
Ash: AH!!! *shivers* cooooooooold....
Marina: hush you!
Ash: *sneers* make me!
Marina: *stress mark* Oh I'll make you alright!!! *pulls out a lasso and whisles for rabid fangirls*
Fangirls: *SCREEECH!* ASH!!! *runs after him*
Marina: *chases, twirling lasso*
Ash: AHHHHHH!!! *running*
Pink Pikachu: *sweatdrops* pi...pika pika chuuuu... (all because of pink....)
Tag: moral of the story... pink is evil in Ash's eyes...
Sent in by: Tag [Tag's Webpage]

The pichu and pichu show!
PICHU1: Hello and welcom to the pichu and pichu show!
PICHU2: I thought it was pichu and pichu!
PICHU1:it is!
PICHU2: No I mean as in my name before yours!
PICHU1:Well too bad because its my name's before yours!
PICHU2: Why yours?
PICHU1: Because mine is underlined AND italix.
CAMRA MAN: Umm.. the interview?
PICHIU2:Ohh... that, well do that later.For now me and my brother here are going fight over who's name come's first.
CAMRA MAN: Ohh brother.
Sent in by: Sarah

Kitsune: -sneaks up behind Ash while he's trying to catch a Pokemon- Hi! It's Kitsune and I'm going to interveiw Ash Catch 'Em.. or whatever his last name is!
GAH! -loses pokemon and the pokemon runs off- HEY!! YOU STUPID FOX!! YOU MADE ME LOSE A POKEMON!!!
Kitsune: -blink- Erm.. and that was our wonderful interveiw!
Director: But-
Kitsune: If, ifs and buts we're candy and nuts, theyre would be no starving people on the street! Im going to my trailer.
Director: You don't have a trailer..
Sent in by: Kitsune

Can you think of a funny Pokemon interview? If you can, send it in by clicking here!

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