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Welcome to suta-raito! We're celebrating our 3rd birthday this year, and this news ticker was used on the first year Suta-Raito was born, so for the celebration...it...has...RETURNED! Annoying-ness: I'm gonna talk like Kenshin! That I am! Usually I don't watch Kenshin, that I don't...but I managed to catch it the other day on TV, that I did. Of course, it was the sad episode where he left everyone...that it was...*hisssss*... --~**~-- Is there an episode of Pokemon that team rocket isn't in? --~**~-- *runs around chasing Kuitsuku* Hey if you like to draw then you should check out suta-raito's oekakis! --~**~-- It has occured to me that a lot of people really do read this. So I'll keep typing meaningless stuff to amuse you all. -^^- --~**~-- I want a cookie. >3>....And a muffin. A cookie muffin.       ...with blueberries... --~**~-- Everything above this (well, mostly) was on the ticker 2 years ago! Oh the memories. And now, for some new stuff! --~**~-- If you want to contact me, but you can't figure out how...try clicking on the contact page. xD --~**~-- You're still reading this? --~**~-- Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.        ...you know you want to... --~**~--            HA! I bet you thought it was ending. NEVER!! --~**~-- Worms have been known to taste like bacon. o-o I wouldn't go munching on them for breakfast though.      Unless...you want to... --~**~-- Have a Neopets account? My username is kontinasu, go ahead and look me up! =3 --~**~-- Did you know that dolphins nap with one eye open? o.o That'd be a good skill for school. --~**~-- Ticky ticker ticky ticker.... --~**~-- On Suta-Raito's 2nd birthday, the counter was at 2 million visits. This year is our 3rd birthday, and the counter is at 8 million visits. =3 --~**~-- Well I'm going to end this now so I can draw some pictures. ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thanks for visiting Suta-Raito!

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Welcome to the Pokemon Bloopers page! If you want to send in your own Pokemon Blooper, scroll to the bottom of the screen!
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Brock:Vulpix, GO!
*A red zafara dressed like a vulpix comes out.*
Zafara: Vulpix!
Misty: Has that vulpix gotten, oh, I dunno, BIGGER?!?!
Ash: Hey! Donít insult the poor thing!
Zafara: Vulpix?
Brock: Guys, I donít think this thing is vulpix.
*Brock looks around the stage only to find his vulpix tied up with tape around itís mouth*
Director: Get that zafara off the stage!
Zafara: *Takes costume off then runs off* Iíll get you for firing me!
(moment of silence as they watch zafara run into a wall*
Pikachu:Pika pika chu pi?(Who was that freak?)
Sent in by: DBZ zafara

Lady: That was a great performance by Drew and his Roselia, lets see what the judges think...29.9 that's the highest score yet. Now in her first pokemon contest please give a warm welcome to May and her beautifly! **clap clap**
May: Take the stage beautyf-(trips on her but)
Director: HAHAHAHA that was great, Ed put that in the script and give May a pay-rise hahaha well done May!
May:Um...yeah...I...I did that on purpose...right lets go with that!
Sent in by: Pink_Pikachu

*Ash is in a movie theater with May,Max,and Brock. He sees Misty coming in*
Ash: Misty! Hi!
Misty: Hey Ash!
Ash: Umm,Misty,this is Max and May.
Misty: WHAT! Ash met another girl!? I was supposed to be his girlfriend! That's not fair! I saw him first!
Everyone but Brock:*Snicker*
Misty: Did I say that out loud?
Directer: CUT! Just say hi,Misty
Ash: Misty this is Max and May
Misty: Hi,Misty
Directer: CUUUUUUUUUUT! Why would you say hi to yourself,idiot! Use common sense.
Misty: For goodness sake,you think I didn't notice that. I just said hi to myself because you told me to!
Directer: Uggh. Try again. And Ash,put in a little more soul. Act like you mean it.
Ash: But I don't. I would never expose May and Max to someone like Misty. I'd be ruined if people knew we used to hang out together.
Misty: *WHACK*
Directer: Pretend anyway. Try it again.
Ash: Oh MISTY! How very very WONDEFUL to SEE you here! I NEVER EXPECTED to SEE you at the MOVIE theater! PLEASE meet Max and May.
Misty: It worked! We finally got rid of him!
Ash: After years of hard work it finally pays off!
Brock: *starts crying*
May: Brock! What's wrong?
Brock: I'm just so happy!
May: Me too*Burst out in tears*
Pikachu: Yay! Now I don't have to keep repeating my name over and over!
Jessie: Finally! We've blasted off our last blast!
Meowth: YAHOO!
Misty: Let's have a party!
Ash: Good idea!
James: Yeah,a party would be a blast!
Misty: Ughh! Not more puns! Spare us,Team Rocket!
May: Who said you where invited?
Jessie: Us!
Ash: Well you where wrong!
James: Oh yeah?
Ash: Yeah!
*Ends with that pointless to be continued thingy on everyone fighting Team Rocket*
Sent in by: Lizi

Our story begins: On an island at the very edge of the Orange Archipelago, a pokemon stares out at the blue sea.
It is...ummmm...Mickey Mouse.
Director: CUT! It's SLOWKING not Mickey Mouse!
Mickey Mouse: Am I in the wrong movie?
Sent in by: Emily

*Misty about to send out a pokemon*
Misty: Go Goldeen!
Goldeen: Goldeen!Goldeen!
Misty: Not you Goldeen! Psyduck is supposed to come out!
Director: CUT! Take 2!
Misty: Go Goldeen!
Horsea: Hors-eeeeaaaa!
Director: CUT! Take 3
Misy: Go Goldeen!
Gomamon: Psy-yi-yi!
Opposing trainer: Does this happen alot???
Ash: Nope.
Director: CUT!! Take 4
Misty: Go Goldeen!
*nothing happens*
Everyone: Oh forget it.
*they walk away*
*Psyduck pops out*
Sent in by: spheal09

May: I want mudkip.
Ash: You mean torchic.
May: No, mudkip.
Prof Birch: May you meant torchic.
May: Ok ok I meant torchic but it will be hard for me to beat Roxanne!
Sent in by: Jessica

Pikachu: Pika pika pika pi chuuu(Hey check out that creature over there...Hmmm)
Totodile: Toto totodile toto todile (What is it? A new species of pokemon?)
*Pikachu and Totodile walk up to a starry Zafara*
Pikachu: Pika pi pikachu pika pika (Hello I am Pikachu. Who are you?)
Zafara: I'm Starling, a starry Zafara.
Totodile: Totodile dile Toto to (Are you some new species of pokemon?)
Zafara: O_O Noo...I'm a neopet...
Pikachu: Pika pikachu pi pi kachu (What the heck is a neopet?)
Zafara: *zaps Pikachu to Neopia* Muahahahahahahahaaa...My plan to rule Pokemon is going smoothly...Now to dispose of Ash...
Totodile: *sweatdrop* TotooooDILE!! (Oh geez...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!)
Sent in by: kaiodadragon

Brock: *is in the middle of a pokemon take and stumbles onto the set of Sailor Moon as Serena is transforming into her sailor scout form* Ooouuu...*drool*
Sailor Moon: *finishes transforming* EEP!! SECURITY!!! Wait...Oooo you're kinda cute. What's your name?
Brock: B--br--bru---bru---
Sailor Moon: Bru?
Brock: Dock...*slaps head* I mean Lock I mean Sock I mean Rock...BROCK!
Sailor Moon: Which one is it?
Brock: It's Brock. Most certainly Brock.
Sailor Moon: Wanna go out and have some dinner?
Brock: Sure...*drool*
*both leave set and crew from Sailor Moon and Pokemon have sweatdrops and fall*
Ash: Okay what just happened?
Pokemon Director: I'll have to get posters for a replacement...
Sailor Moon Director: Okay, Sailor Venus, you'll be taking Sailor Moon's place.
Sailor Venus: AGAIN? I already did that once in an episode I ain't doin' it again! I DONT GET PAID ENOUGH TO DO THIS JOB!!
Both Directors: O_O Take five, everybodeh...
Sent in by: angel_dragon

Ash: *Iooks at professor birch* Hello, professor bird.
Director: Cut, it's professor, birch!
Ash: Hello, professor burnt.
Director: No, B-I-R-C-H.
Ash: Hello Professor Bi-
Misty: *interrupts* Ash watch your mouth. It's birch, like the tree.
Ash: Then hello, professor tree!
Sent in by: BigBadBlazikenn

(the episode in which ash, misty, and brock leave each other)
Ash: So, since you got your bike, I guess you should be going..
Misty: Yeah, goodbye ash. Good luck.
Ash: *looks at director* What was my line again?
Misty and Director: *falls over*
Misty: You're supposed to kiss me now! *looks around* ASH..? -.-
Ash: *from like a mile away* Ok bye then good luck now get away from me!!!!
Sent in by: BigBadBlazikenn

::Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are all sitting at a table in a restaurant::
Ash:*looks over at the closest table**gasp* Crikes! *dives under table*
Misty: What's your problem, Ash?
Ash: Uh, um.... how can I explain this...
Brock: Is it those guys at the next table over?
Ash: Yeah.
Misty: What about 'em?
Ash: Uh, um.... er, Pikachu--not me--owes those guys money. Yeah, thats it.
Pikachu: *menacing glare*
Brock: Don'cha mean, YOU owe those guys money?
Ash: NO! I mean, er--of course not.
Misty: Even though we all know Ash is lying... I wouldn't out it past
Pikachu to owe somebody money. That gambling little rodent owes ME five bucks from the last time we played cards!!!
Pikachu: *nods*
Brock: *sweatdrop*
Director: *even bigger sweatdrop* Doesn't the script say they're supposed to be talkin' about the Pokemon League Tournament?!
Sent in by: Kai

Can you think of a funny Pokemon Blooper? If you can, send it in by clicking here!
#1: Please don't have any cursing or unappropriate stuff in your blooper. Suta-Raito is for people of all ages so there are some younger kids who read these. ^^;
#2: Make sure the subject of the e-mail is "Pokemon Blooper" or else I might not read the e-mail!
#3: Don't forget to leave your name or nickname in the e-mail. I've gotta give credit to someone for the blooper. ^-^
#4: Don't send in a blooper that's really quickly thought up just because you wan't your name on S-R. If it's not the least bit funny, I won't add it up.
#5: Please double check your spelling and everything in your blooper. If your grammar is really bad, I won't add your blooper.
#6: Try not to make your blooper incredibly long. Short and funny bloopers may just be the best kind. =3

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