Welcome to the S-R Oekaki Portal page!
Pick your destination below and you'll be taken to a page where all the rules are posted, then you can enter each oekaki after reading them. ^-^

Mascot: Kuitsuku
The intermediate oekaki, also known as SRON, has a few more rules than the sketch oekaki. There are 2 tryouts required for new members who want to draw there, and some other rules to keep it organized.

Mascot: Timber
The sketch oekaki is generally for anyone and everyone. ^-^ There are 3 simple rules and no tryouts required.

Mascot: Wataflishinkadonginkhoyodita (Marshmallow or Marsh for short xD).
SROA, or the advanced oekaki, requires 5 tryouts for all new members who want to draw there. Quality is strictly kept and there are more admins to monitor members.
Not sure what an oekaki is? Basically, an oekaki is an online drawing board. You'll have to register to make an account, then from there you can draw using the build in boards. Be sure to have java installed on your computer, or else the boards will display as a red X, and nobody likes to see those. =[ Poor X's.