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Mynci Beach Volleyball!
They says: Medium
We say:    Medium

Description: Ah, Mystery Island, where it's hot yet there's always a nice breeze. (According to neopets x3) Why not get out and play some Mynci Beach Volleyball?
This game can be played with both one player and two player modes. ^^

How To Play: You hit the ball over the net, your opponent hits back, and you keep on going until somebody scores 12 points. ^^ The more points you score than your opponent (if you win), the more end round points you get. Sounds easy, doesn't it? However...there are many things to look out for...
Blue Mynci-You It's you! x3
Red Mynci-Computer Your opponent, grr...don't let them get more points than you! (Computer opponent)
Beachball The beachball.=D
Pawkeet This pesky little pawkeet can be either bad or good. If you hit it with the ball, it'll fall out of the sky and give you one of the following:
Giant! Supersize: Now you're HUGE! However, you also have the advantage. You don't have to run to the ball since you're so big, and it's much easier to hit it over the net with your head.
Giant! Super Jump: This gives you the ability to jump REALLY high. I haven't found a good use for this myself...if you get super jump, I suggest not jumping a lot. What happens is that you jump to hit the ball, the ball goes up...then starts to fall while you're still going up, and you don't get down in time to hit it again. ^^; So when you get this, either hit the ball over the net with your head (meaning...just walk under the ball) or stand close to the net and when you see the ball go directly over the net, jump to hit it before it goes on your side. The only good thing about super jump is that when your opponent gets it, they usually lose the ball and you get points. ^^
Big Ball Jumbo Ball: Umm...yes. Big ball. It's easier to hit, but that also means it's easier for your opponent to hit, which also means that nobody's going to score points anytime soon. ^^;
Speedy: I couldn't think of an image to put next to this. ^.^; You get really fast with this effect, and I found it a lot easier to play with. The only downside is that if you back up or go forward and forget you're faster, you'll run past the ball.

Big Net! Big Net: The net got taller! this can be good or bad. It's best to hit the ball in the middle of your side so it goes over the net. Hitting it too close won't make the ball go over.
Watch the Turdle! Watch the Turdle: If you hit the Pawkeet and it says watch the turdle, it really means for your opponent to watch the turdle. If your opponent hits the pawkeet and the message appears, a Turdle is going to waddle onto your side of the net. If you walk into it, it'll snag your legs and you won't be able to move. It only lasts for about 3 seconds though. The best thing to do when this happens is avoid the Turdle until the ball is on your opponent's side and then walk into the turdle to get the 3 second snag over with. The only way the turdle will go away is if somebody hits the pawkeet again or you let it snag you.

Both Jumbo Sized --> Both Jumbo Sized!
Average score for this game:
Most people get 350 to 500 points on average.
My high score: 315.
The high scores table starts at 1000. (Average)

By: Eevee1--Image on top also drawn by Eevee1.

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