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Suta-Raito's pages have moved! Click here to go to the new layout!

You'll see all new pictures, a new user system, and forums!

Click here to visit Meridell
One of the newest Neopet cities..or...farms at least. Meridell is a kicking back kind of place where you can take part in Medieval type activities. (And that explains why the link to Meridell has the word medieval in it)
What can you do in Meridell?  Tons of stuff! There are technically four parts of Meridell. Meridell, Meridell Castle, Meri Acres and Darigan Citadel...but I've devoted different pages to the Farm and Citadel. Here are some Meridell places:
Cheese Roller:There's a Cheese Roller game but good luck trying to get cheese for it...that's the only fault
Go to Cheese Roller>>
Turmaculus: The king of all petpets...can you wake him with your petpet? It's quite hard, he only wakes up at certain minutes. You have to have a petpet to wake him, hehe.
Go to Turmaculus>>
Illusen's Glade: A Faerie quests page that you can play if you have a lot of neopoints. I'm guessing that this one is worth playing like the Dark Fearie quests. You'll eventually obtain the item called Illusen's Staff and it's estimated worth is 80,000,000 neopoints. You'll have to complete her 50th level to get this though, good luck!
Go to Illusen's Glade>>
Ye Olde Food Shoppe: Who wouldn't want these delicious snacks of Sludge Pie, Gruel, Blackened Strawberries, Mouldy Potato and of course the wonderful Stone Soup!
Go to Ye Olde Food Shoppe>>
Ye Olde Petpets: The picture for this petpet shop kind of scares me, but it's still got some cute petpets!
Go to Ye Olde Petpets>>
Shape Shifter: This game is fun! Sort of...hehe...You'll need to actually think to win. It might take a while to understand too but you should like it once you begin to understand.
Go to Shape Shifter>>
Kiss the Mortog: Simply a luck game. It costs 50 neopoints to play. You choose a mortog anf kiss it. If it's the right one you get neopoints and have a choice to keep them or go onto the next round. However, if you kiss the wrong mortog they explode (scary) and you loose all neopoints.
Go to Kiss the Mortog>>
Ultimate Bullseye: In this game you have to aim an arrow at a target. Once you get the hang of shooting it, the target starts it can get difficult.
Go to Ultimate Bullseye>>
Round Table Poker: A poker game neopet style. Level one costs 150 neopoints to play, however I've never played this game and I'm not about to so there's not much I know about it. ^^;
Go to Round Table Poker>>
Turdle Racing: Basically the same as Poogle racing, Meridell style! Another luck game. (That I have never won, hehe)
Go to Turdle Racing>>

The Meridell Castle: Not as many activities as outside the castle, but still worth visiting!
Meriball: Baseball Meridell Style! Gya, however I have never played this, so I've just clicked on it and the game is hold on while I play it. xD
Okay, it appears that you hit the ball and then hope that the other character doesn't hit it, lol. If your opponents hits it, you have to hit the ball, he will not dive for it. The object is to make him miss the ball...and to avoid the symols that popup everywhere.
Go to Meriball>>
Meristones: Have you ever played a game with a board and glass stones? I think it was called Mancala...or something close. Well this is basically what Meristones is. You take stones and try to get the most into your slot. When you pick up pebbles from a hole you have to drop one in every hole to the direction you're going. Well that sounds confusing, maybe you should just read neopet's rules to the game on the page.
Go to Meristones>>
Double or Nothing: Another luck game that I've never won. You hand 10 neopoints to Snargan, flip a coin and if it's heads you double your 10 neopoints, if it's tails you loose it.
Go to Double or Nothing>>
Invasion of Meridell: ...the invasion is over but I guess this is a "fun" game now. I have no information on this at all. ^^;
Go to Invasion of Meridell>>
Escape From Meridell: A Draik called Valrigard has been captured and imprisoned for a crime that he didn't commit. Help him escape from the Meridell Castle! (This game reminds me of a level of Donkey Kong...)
Go to Escape From Meridell>>
Grumpy Old King: You can only play this once per day. You get an option of words to form a joke. If the king likes your joke you will recieve a prize. If he doesn't like it...well...let's find out. I'll try a joke out...
My question to him: What can't you do if you're a family of friendly Crokabek (What the heck is that!?) that accepts a quest from Judge Hog?
My answer to him: You can't disco 101 Ultra Mega Bot 2000 butter knives.
His answer: *heh* That was a pretty good joke. I give it a 644 out of 1000. Here, have a little something from my kitchen. I hope you like it.
King Skarl hands you:
o-O...who wants some Gruel?
Go to Grumpy Old King>>

That concludes this walkthrough, be sure to look at the Darigan Citadel and Meri Acres, they are also a big part of Meridell!

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