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*New images and some news*
Date: July 23, 2004
WOW! I just now noticed that on the last update...I meant to put July as the month but I put January. o-o I kept wondering why people asked if this side was ever updated ^.^;; Fixed that though...
Last week there were 7 stolen pictures from here in the beauty contest on neopets. ^^; All 7 people were frozen. It's not smart to steal from suta-raito. @.@;
Okay, so...there will be a new layout hopefully soon. I'm still thinking of a theme but I think Darigan or just...evil neopets might be the theme.
I updated some game reviews a while ago...not sure if anyone noticed. o-o Cheat, Hasee Bounce, Feed Florg, Buzzer Game, Zurroball and Volcano Run now have better game reviews and I even drew a picture for each one. ^^
New images! Shoyru, Elephante, Zafara and the Pteris and Korbats have been redone. This time I didn't replace the old pictures with the new ones because every other time I've done that...someone steals the old images and enters them into the beauty contest and then there's no proof they're on S-R anymore because I replaced the old images. So....THIS time...they're all there. xD Newest Images:

*Many new images!*
Date: July 13, 2004
TONS of new pictures! Okay...so...there's actually only 4 new images, but they all have at least 7 different colors. Together it adds up to 30 images. ^^ The cybunny and Gelert have been redrawn and the Kacheek and Bruce are new images. (Requested by people on my neopets account.)
Some of you may have noticed that suta-raito.com has been added to most of the neopet images. Why? A LOT of people have been direct linking the images and giving NO-CREDIT to suta-raito. I drew the pictures...and they steal them along with my bandwidth. It's really not fair. So, if you've direct linked something, it now has "suta-raito.com" on it. If you want to edit out "suta-raito.com" so you can use the image for a guild layout or something, that's perfectly fine, as long as you put "Image from suta-raito.com" SOMEWHERE VISIBLE! If you get caught stealing, I will add you to the wall of shame immediately and report you to neopets. (Many people have been frozen already.) The newst images don't say suta-raito.com. If I see anybody direct linking with no credit, I WILL put suta-raito.com on all of them.
Newest Images:

*New Neopet, Happy Meals, and images!*
Date: May 29, 2004
Three new pictures and a new World tutorial page for Tyrannia. ^.^; Those tutorial guides are hard to do...
Yesterday was the first day that the Neopet Happy Meals began! I got an Aisha in mine (wow there's not much food in Happy Meals xD) and I really like the Neopet decorated happy meal boxes.
While I was drawing the new images below, Neopets released their new character...the Yurble. It's kind of odd. *scratches head* Like a porcupine and lion mix. I got one anyways. xD And I'll probably be drawing one soon. Anyway, the Moehog and Wocky's below come in 6 and 5 different colors. Check out the Neopet image page to see them all.

*My favorite Neopet, Kougras!*
Date: April 21, 2004
I redid the old Kougra images from waaay back when, and it's just in time for Kougra day. x3 (Tomorrow)

*Thanks everybody ^^*
Date: April 18, 2004
I'd just like to say thanks to all the people (about 30 ^^) that notified me about the person who stole the Kuitsuku colored Krawk in our Fake Paintbrushes page. They put it in the Art Gallery..many people saw it, many people reported them and now the person has been frozen. ^.^ Soon I'll be adding a Wall Of Shame. But gee, I can't wait to see how many people steal the Lupes here for the upcoming Lupe Day. @-@;

*Revamps of the old Aisha and Myncis I drew*
Date: April 17, 2004
I've just been in the mood to draw a lot of Neopets lately. ^^ One new picture and two revamps of older images of the Aisha and Mynci I drew. I also colored the Aisha in 8 other colors now. The new picture is a Lupe, which is in 5 colors. Click on the Neopet images page to see all the colors. There are too many for me to show them all on this page. ^.^; New Images:


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