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Rest In Peace Bobo
Date: July 13th, 2004

I just thought it would give justice to let everyone know what happened to a Tiger named Bobo. He was raised in an area very close to where I live. It was an animal rescue place where they had lions and many other large cats. One named Bobo escaped the other day and was being tracked down for 24 hours. Experts at handling tigers were there trying to tranquilize Bobo and bring him home safely, but cops went where they were not supposed to be. Bobo got scared and "charged" at one of the cops, so the cop shot him to death. It wasn't the Tigers fault, it was the cop's fault.
For more story details, --> http://www.deviantart.com/view/8872855/
Rest in peace Bobo~

Updates ^^
Date: July 5th, 2004

A few new Pokemon images have been added. ^^ I was going to wait until I drew more images for everything and made three new layouts, but I haven't updated for a while...so...during the month, instead of waiting to update everything in one day (for the birthday bash), I'll just be adding it all as I make it. New Images:

And more on the Pokemon page!
~Eevee1 ^.~

Date: June 13, 2004

...I haven't posted any "weird" updates lately..hehe..moooooofeh...I just updated the Neopet section with 4 new neopets in at least 7 different colors each (together it's 30 images) and it was cool to see 21 people online jump to 47 people online...and it's midnight where I live. xD
Also, a very early warning: Suta-Raito's birthday is in August! I'm hoping to have new layouts for this section, the Neopet and tutorial section, along with a grand total of 50 new images and some new tutorials, plushies, and a new layout for the normal oekaki. Hehe...I better get to work. x3
~Eevee1 ^.~

Good News and Bad News
Date: June 10, 2004

Okay...some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the hosting is down, probably forever. I think one of the hostees was using something...that I didn't allow...like perhaps a topsite or oekaki, or something that uses a lot of resources/bandwidth. The host for it suspended the account...so...I basically spent $50 on two months of hosting when it was SUPPOSED to be for a year. This is why I didn't host people sooner. ><
Good news is a new Inuyasha gallery! ^^ A lot of people asked for it...so...yeah. I have some more images for it but they're not completely finished yet.
New Images:

~Eevee1 ^.~

Updates ^^
Date: June 4, 2004

Nyar...I've actually been updating S-R but I haven't updated the Main page. x3 All the captions have been updated, and congrats to those who were funny enough to make it in. ^^ Caption #6 is full and the rest almost have 25 submissions, so I'll have to draw some more captions once two more become full.
And most of you saw the new splash. If you don't get it...It's a brown wocky in front and an eevee in back. They look so much alike it's creepy...Some people suggested that I make a splash with Kuitsuku and Wataflishinkadonginkhoyodita. (Oekaki mascots, YES that's wata's real name xD) If you have other splash suggestions, just post in the tag board about it. ^^
More pokemon pictures below, two are redrawn versions of older images I was starting to hate, hehe. Today I'll be updating more pages and try my ultimate best to update the Ask Piccolo section and the adoptable plushies.
We might just get our topsite again soon too! Only time will tell. x3
New Images:

~Eevee1 ^.~

Yay, Kid Buu...and that's mostly it...xD
Date: May 23, 2004

New DBZ image, kid buu!
I'm taking my finals in school this week so I'll draw more once my summer starts. ^^
New Images:

~Eevee1 ^.~

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