AdoringKhaz [9:46 AM]:  LIZ!!! YOUR ACTULLY ON!!!!!!
AdoringKhaz [9:47 AM]: 
Or..not... -pouts- evil..
AdoringKhaz [9:47 AM]: 
Then I'll just talk to you and pretend 'cause you know you'll have to read this eventually
AdoringKhaz [9:47 AM]: 
So, what's up Liz?

AdoringKhaz [9:47 AM]: 
Cool, nothing much for me
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
Oh, your glasses are still here
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
But you like can't get to my house today because they're reconstructing the road and stuff..
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
So if you want them you can park in the park (o_0) near my house and I can walk up and give you the glasses
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
So, yea
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
-watches people repave the road-
AdoringKhaz [9:48 AM]: 
Ok, this is starting to get boring..
AdoringKhaz [9:49 AM]: 
AdoringKhaz [9:49 AM]: 
AdoringKhaz [9:50 AM]: 
ARGH!!!! YOU'RE SO HURTFUL! -storms away-
AdoringKhaz [9:50 AM]: 
Ok...I'm back because I have nothing better to do
NallRby [9:54 AM]: 
AdoringKhaz [9:54 AM]:  YEA!!!!!!!!!
NallRby [9:54 AM]:  sorry I wasn't paying attention earlier, 
AdoringKhaz [9:54 AM]:  -does a dance and cheer and goes crazy then attacks you with hugs-
NallRby [9:55 AM]:  but Miori was on and I wanted to talk to her and I just fond out that you were on right now
AdoringKhaz [9:55 AM]:  lol
NallRby [9:55 AM]:  -hugs you back- 
AdoringKhaz [9:55 AM]:  n_n!
AdoringKhaz [9:55 AM]:  Are you leaving today?
NallRby [9:55 AM]:  I finally got you on my buddies list!
NallRby [9:55 AM]:  yup
NallRby [9:55 AM]:  at 2:30
AdoringKhaz [9:55 AM]:  =D
AdoringKhaz [9:56 AM]:  Well, you're gonna have to get your glasses
AdoringKhaz [9:56 AM]:  Did you read all the stuff I said above?
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  Oh, so you WANT me gone!!!
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  (yeah, I read it)
AdoringKhaz [9:56 AM]:  Er, no.  I just think you would need your glasses ' need them o_o'
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  ;-)
AdoringKhaz [9:56 AM]:  XD
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  lol
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  poor Bubbles....
NallRby [9:56 AM]:  -pouts-
AdoringKhaz [9:57 AM]:  What's wrong with her?
NallRby [9:57 AM]:  that's gotta hurt
NallRby [9:57 AM]:  her eggsack is like, 5 times bigger then it was when you were here....
AdoringKhaz [9:57 AM]:  Woa O.o
NallRby [9:57 AM]:  she's gonna have those babies soon....
AdoringKhaz [9:58 AM]:  -nods-
NallRby [9:58 AM]:  If you compare her's to Ruby's....
AdoringKhaz [9:58 AM]:  You have any names planned?
NallRby [9:58 AM]:  Ruby isn't pregnant
NallRby [9:58 AM]:  no...
AdoringKhaz [9:58 AM]:  Name one Skittles for me =D?
NallRby [9:58 AM]:  I wanna wait until I can tell the babies apart first...
NallRby [9:59 AM]:  Okay!!
NallRby [9:59 AM]:  How about....that one.
AdoringKhaz [9:59 AM]:  ??
NallRby [9:59 AM]:  in the back
AdoringKhaz [9:59 AM]:  Oh, ok, well I can't really see them
NallRby [10:00 AM]:  well, form now on, that one (I can'tr tell if it be a he or she) salt be dubed, Skittles.
AdoringKhaz [10:00 AM]:  YEA!
NallRby [10:01 AM]:  it's swimming circles of joy!
AdoringKhaz [10:01 AM]:  =D
NallRby [10:01 AM]:  brb
AdoringKhaz [10:01 AM]:  NOOOOOOOO...ok
NallRby [10:02 AM]:  here I am!
NallRby [10:03 AM]:  awww....Nall's playing with Skittles!
NallRby [10:03 AM]:  or bullying her....hard to tell
NallRby [10:04 AM]:  she's swimming away from the babies, almost as if to say, "I am so better then you"
AdoringKhaz [10:05 AM]:  Sorry, I was having an odd conversation with someone else o.o
AdoringKhaz [10:05 AM]:  XD
AdoringKhaz [10:05 AM]:  I feel like dancing =o
NallRby [10:05 AM]:  wow.....Farinze has HUGUNGUOUS eyes!
AdoringKhaz [10:05 AM]:  -turns her evenesence CD on full blast and scares her father-
NallRby [10:05 AM]:  lol
AdoringKhaz [10:06 AM]:  Sea Monkies usually have small eyes o.o
NallRby [10:06 AM]:  Farinze's are huge...
NallRby [10:06 AM]:  ya know, for a sea monkey
AdoringKhaz [10:06 AM]:  I vant to see
AdoringKhaz [10:06 AM]:  ..Did I just say 'vant' O_O
NallRby [10:07 AM]:  yes.....-cowers and wimpers-
AdoringKhaz [10:07 AM]:  Errrrr
NallRby [10:07 AM]:  anyways....
NallRby [10:08 AM]:  I find them more fasinating then most people, so I might just be.... NallRby [10:08 AM]:  uhhh.....
AdoringKhaz [10:08 AM]:  oooo
AdoringKhaz [10:08 AM]:  brb gonna get some food by products
NallRby [10:08 AM]:  making them sound better then they are? I dunno. o.O
NallRby [10:08 AM]:  okay
NallRby [10:08 AM]:  me too!
NallRby [10:10 AM]:  nanananananananananananananananananah!
NallRby [10:10 AM]:  BATMAN!!!!!
AdoringKhaz [10:10 AM]:  I;m back..with rice kirspies XD
NallRby [10:10 AM]:  nanananananananananh!
AdoringKhaz [10:11 AM]:  o_0
NallRby [10:11 AM]:  yay!
NallRby [10:12 AM]:  Sea monkeys are cool
NallRby [10:13 AM]:  it's kind of a cloudy day, and I usually put their tank in the sun so they can play in....well,  the sun,
AdoringKhaz [10:13 AM]:  yea
NallRby [10:13 AM]:  but since it's cloudy, they will probably have to make due with an office lamp.
AdoringKhaz [10:13 AM]:  Do you know of a song with DEATH lyrics?
NallRby [10:14 AM]:  poor Bubbles....
NallRby [10:14 AM]:  huh? no
NallRby [10:14 AM]:  she keeps trying to swim out of the tank....
NallRby [10:14 AM]:  like 'up out...
AdoringKhaz [10:15 AM]:  ok..
NallRby [10:15 AM]:  I think she's a mean pregnant....
NallRby [10:15 AM]:  even the babys are playing a little away from her...
AdoringKhaz [10:15 AM]:  lol
NallRby [10:16 AM]:  yeah...
NallRby [10:16 AM]:  I feel sorry for Farinze...
AdoringKhaz [10:16 AM]:  Who's that?
NallRby [10:16 AM]:  her mate
AdoringKhaz [10:16 AM]:  -trys to think of a song with death lyrics-
NallRby [10:17 AM]:  I guess that My Bloody Valintine doesn't work?
AdoringKhaz [10:17 AM]:  No, that's a happy song
NallRby [10:17 AM]:  heh heh
NallRby [10:17 AM]:  or This'll Be The Day That I Die?
NallRby [10:18 AM]:  Most people would think that those are depressing songs....
NallRby [10:18 AM]:  or so says my mnom
NallRby [10:18 AM]:  *mom
AdoringKhaz [10:19 AM]:  You mean the song by good cahrlotte?
NallRby [10:19 AM]:  yeah...
AdoringKhaz [10:19 AM]:  That's happy too 
NallRby [10:19 AM]:  yeah, WE think so, but mum doesn't
AdoringKhaz [10:20 AM]:  It's all happy
NallRby [10:20 AM]:  uh-huh
NallRby [10:20 AM]:  difine death lyrics
NallRby [10:20 AM]:  awww.....isn't that sweet?
AdoringKhaz [10:21 AM]: Yes >D Well, I have to go, byies!
NallRby [10:20 AM]:  Bye! ^_^