ShinimegamiDuo: hi again m
Auto response from RiverOttersRule: Watch anime. All the time. Especially Inu Yasha. We luv inu! Anime is good. Must watch anime.

ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: how can u be watching Inu yasha...
RiverOttersRule: u back?
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
RiverOttersRule: nihe
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: inu yasha in my head y0 O.o
ShinimegamiDuo: o
ShinimegamiDuo: i c
RiverOttersRule: I keep see'n shippou turn into this huge pink bubble thing and then pop. o_O;;
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: do you know what "yasha" means in japanese?
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
ShinimegamiDuo: it means demon
RiverOttersRule: nuh uh.
ShinimegamiDuo: so it dog demon
RiverOttersRule: it means...
ShinimegamiDuo: or dog
RiverOttersRule: I'm serious y0
RiverOttersRule: PHWEEEEE!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: r u sure???!!!!
RiverOttersRule: hmmm... dog female demon....
RiverOttersRule: yeah.
RiverOttersRule: I have a friend who speaks Japanese
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: o, i c]
RiverOttersRule: :-D
RiverOttersRule: 8-) snarfmookerson
ShinimegamiDuo: ok...
RiverOttersRule: oops! I mean
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: Phweeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RiverOttersRule: guess what
ShinimegamiDuo: what?
RiverOttersRule: dun dun duuuuuuun!!
RiverOttersRule: my mom bought me a cardcaptors manga!!!! ^_^
ShinimegamiDuo: really
RiverOttersRule: uh huh!!
ShinimegamiDuo: go ur momma
RiverOttersRule: It reads backwards too!!
RiverOttersRule: ^_~
ShinimegamiDuo: kool
RiverOttersRule: ain't it though?
ShinimegamiDuo: yess]
ShinimegamiDuo: yes*
ShinimegamiDuo: OH!
ShinimegamiDuo: we got a PS2
RiverOttersRule: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LABILE GOT A WARNING!!!!!!
RiverOttersRule: COOLSIENESS!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: i sowwy
RiverOttersRule: go sarah! go sarah! *dances around the room like Sumomo*
ShinimegamiDuo: yea!!
RiverOttersRule: have you heard of Chobits?
ShinimegamiDuo: no
RiverOttersRule: d***...
RiverOttersRule: hang on a sec. I'll give you a link.
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
RiverOttersRule: in the mean time, look at this piccy!! KITTY!
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
ShinimegamiDuo: awww
RiverOttersRule: Chobits! Finally got there!
RiverOttersRule: methinks Hideki is hot!!
ShinimegamiDuo: lol, i'll vheck it out later
ShinimegamiDuo: its in my fav.
RiverOttersRule: cools
RiverOttersRule: I like the persocon's ears.
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
RiverOttersRule: (The robot thing on the page it took you too)
RiverOttersRule: (it looked like a person wik cat ears)
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
ShinimegamiDuo: i know
ShinimegamiDuo: NEKO!!
RiverOttersRule: the girl is Chii
ShinimegamiDuo: kool
RiverOttersRule: Me like koneko better
ShinimegamiDuo: i c
RiverOttersRule: KITTIE!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: lol]
RiverOttersRule: What should the name of my main charactor be in my comic?
ShinimegamiDuo: hummm
RiverOttersRule: my other charactors are :
RiverOttersRule: Chris, Baka, Nani, Gemma, Yume, Hikari...ect.
ShinimegamiDuo: Acire
ShinimegamiDuo: or Akki
ShinimegamiDuo: of kirara
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: ok, when r's are translated too ebgligh they sound a lot like our l's
RiverOttersRule: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: This is what Chii looks like
ShinimegamiDuo: When Douglas MacArthur was touring Japan after WWII, he was a possible candidate for the US presidential election. Some of his enthusiastic supporters wanted to make him feel welcome, and keeping in mind that a Japanese 'r' and English 'l' sound quite a bit alike, think of the reaction when MacArthur saw the huge banner they had hung from the Dai Ichi building to greet him: In 6 foot long letters they had written 'We Pray for MacArthur's Erection!'
ShinimegamiDuo: kool
RiverOttersRule: heeheehee...
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
ShinimegamiDuo: i cracked up when i red that
ShinimegamiDuo: read**
ShinimegamiDuo: 'To stop drip, turn cock to right'- toilet in bar
ShinimegamiDuo: this is broken english
ShinimegamiDuo: things that were translated wrong
RiverOttersRule: what?
RiverOttersRule: oh
ShinimegamiDuo: 'Slow men working!'- sign in Shinjuku (I personally think that it wasn't a mistake)
RiverOttersRule: me niether
RiverOttersRule: ^_^
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: 'Have many accidents here!'- sign at the Roppongi intersection in Tokyo
ShinimegamiDuo: 'We take your bags and send them in all directions'- airport in Haneda
RiverOttersRule: nice...*crash*
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: 'We wash you'- car wash in Kawasaki
RiverOttersRule: you missed a spot. o.o
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: brb
ShinimegamiDuo: back
ShinimegamiDuo: sorruy
RiverOttersRule: dude y0, I've been here 20 min ^U^
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: IT'S ZIGGY!!!!! ^U^
ShinimegamiDuo: sorry
ShinimegamiDuo: i had to eat man
RiverOttersRule: little eyes, big nose
RiverOttersRule: dude, you eat late o_O;;
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: i know
ShinimegamiDuo: i have to go out in the snow!
RiverOttersRule: why?
ShinimegamiDuo: i have to get the mail
RiverOttersRule: oooh!!! Chii packing tape...
ShinimegamiDuo: from yesterday
RiverOttersRule: heh heh...
RiverOttersRule: oooooh...chii clock...
ShinimegamiDuo: i'll have to make u an Inu- Yasha music CD
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: seriously??
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
RiverOttersRule: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: i have a CD burner
ShinimegamiDuo: no problem
RiverOttersRule: me too. I don't know how to use it though. lol
ShinimegamiDuo: of coruse i  accually have to get around to dooing it
ShinimegamiDuo: llol
RiverOttersRule: Wierd bunny thing from chobits.
RiverOttersRule: SUMOMO!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: gotta luv the mini persocons...
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: they look like piilows
RiverOttersRule: heeheehee...
ShinimegamiDuo: so soft...
RiverOttersRule: they are pillows
ShinimegamiDuo: *snore*
RiverOttersRule: Sorry, but I luv the bunny
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: I think his name is Atashi
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
RiverOttersRule: BUNNY!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: i would guess
RiverOttersRule: heh heh heh...I'm wearing my dad's watch
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: lol
RiverOttersRule: o.O
RiverOttersRule: ooooh! Let's give him a big nose too!!!   oUO
ShinimegamiDuo: O.o
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: OUO
RiverOttersRule: .U.
RiverOttersRule: he just looks mad...
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
ShinimegamiDuo: .V.
RiverOttersRule: o_O;; my mom keeps singing this song called "Shapoopy"
ShinimegamiDuo: :>
RiverOttersRule: wha?
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
ShinimegamiDuo: nothin
ShinimegamiDuo: im bein weird
RiverOttersRule: wanna see chibi chii?
ShinimegamiDuo: sure
RiverOttersRule: (It's on a t-shirt)
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
RiverOttersRule: Chibi Chii
ShinimegamiDuo: k hold on
RiverOttersRule: SUMOMO!!!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: i wanna read this email first
RiverOttersRule: I wanna Chobits hoodie...
ShinimegamiDuo: you've got mail
ShinimegamiDuo: cute!
ShinimegamiDuo: i love the hoodie
ShinimegamiDuo: aww
ShinimegamiDuo: i gtg
RiverOttersRule: on the "What Chobits Charactor Are YOu" quiz, I got
Yasuhino Ueda (the baker)
Takako Shimizu-sensei
Dita (mysterious girl)

I have mail????? (I don't know who half of 'em are...o_O;;)
RiverOttersRule: buh bye!
ShinimegamiDuo: from me u ditz!
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
ShinimegamiDuo: bue
RiverOttersRule: bye!
ShinimegamiDuo: ye
RiverOttersRule: bye**?
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
ShinimegamiDuo: yea
ShinimegamiDuo: thats what i meant
RiverOttersRule: whatever -_-;
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: nihee
ShinimegamiDuo: lol
RiverOttersRule: seeya!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
ShinimegamiDuo: c ya]
RiverOttersRule: JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
RiverOttersRule: ^_^
ShinimegamiDuo: bye!!!!!
ShinimegamiDuo: ok
ShinimegamiDuo: FINE!
RiverOttersRule: XP
ShinimegamiDuo: I WILL THEN!
RiverOttersRule: FINE
RiverOttersRule: GO!
ShinimegamiDuo: I AM!
RiverOttersRule: FINE!
ShinimegamiDuo: JUST BE THAT WAY!
RiverOttersRule: GOOD BYE!
ShinimegamiDuo: FINE!
ShinimegamiDuo: GOOD DAY!
RiverOttersRule: NIHI!
ShinimegamiDuo: NEEHA!
RiverOttersRule: BAD DAY!
ShinimegamiDuo: YEA
RiverOttersRule: THATY'S YEEHA!
ShinimegamiDuo: U 2
ShinimegamiDuo signed off at 8:42:24 PM.
RiverOttersRule: FINE! I WILL!