DbzSSgotenks77: hoi
Hmcorrell: GIBO GIBO! ^.^
DbzSSgotenks77: can we go jump in radioactive waste now? ^^
Hmcorrell: umm..okay ^.^
Hmcorrell: *jumps in*
DbzSSgotenks77: WAI! ::jumps in::
DbzSSgotenks77: .......so how long do we have to stay in here before we get magical powers that will help us get muffins...MUFFINS!!! @.@
Hmcorrell: umm...shouldn't it already be working? o.O
DbzSSgotenks77: hmmm.....i dunno...feel magically yet?
Hmcorrell: oo i don't know...what does "magical" feel like?
DbzSSgotenks77: ...like muffins?
Hmcorrell: umm....o.o i don't know
DbzSSgotenks77: erm.....well.......lets just test it....ZAP!!!! .....<.< >.> where are our muffins?! @.@
Hmcorrell: o.o uh..doing muffin stuff?
DbzSSgotenks77: ...what do muffins do?...
DbzSSgotenks77: BAKE!!
DbzSSgotenks77: they bake themselves!!
DbzSSgotenks77: mwahaha
DbzSSgotenks77: to the oven!!
Hmcorrell: YES YES THEY DO ^.^
Hmcorrell: OKAY! ^.^
DbzSSgotenks77: WAI!!
DbzSSgotenks77: ::walks up to random oven::
Hmcorrell: OOH O.O A RANDOM OVEN!!!!!!
DbzSSgotenks77: ::pushes aside all the muffin mix boxes and muffin ingredients laying on random oven and opens it:: THERE ARE NO MUFFINS IN HERE!! ;_; we're never gonna find them!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ;_;
Hmcorrell: o.o well maybe there not anywhere
Hmcorrell: *they're
DbzSSgotenks77: .......hmmm.....maybe we should buy some?.....QUICK! to the muffin store!! ::trips over box of muffin mix and muffin ingredients while running to a muffin store:: Hmcorrell: o.o heeyyy didn't we buy some donuts or something before
DbzSSgotenks77: .......i think we stole them...
DbzSSgotenks77: O.o;;
Hmcorrell: no she stole my money ;_;
DbzSSgotenks77: ...then we stole doughnuts....well...joutei did anyway....O.o <.< >.>...
Hmcorrell: >.< BAD GIBO!
DbzSSgotenks77: ;_;
DbzSSgotenks77: whaaaat? the money stealer stole first!! ;_;
Hmcorrell: but gibo stole >.< Two wrongs don't make a right
DbzSSgotenks77: two negatives make a positive.....
Hmcorrell: yeah....yes......yes that IS true ...but not if you ADD them together
DbzSSgotenks77: but were not gonna add them u.u
Hmcorrell: yes we are >.< we can't really multiply them
DbzSSgotenks77: sure we can....lady stole: -1 joutei stole: -1...-1 x -1= 1!!! ^^
Hmcorrell: ....but you have to plus them! >.<
Hmcorrell: you can't multiply-eth ;_;
DbzSSgotenks77: no i dont!!
DbzSSgotenks77: dont tell joutei what to do!! @.@
DbzSSgotenks77: MULTIPLY!! @.@
Hmcorrell: o.o but.......you can't multiply
DbzSSgotenks77: i can if i want to u.u
Hmcorrell: because if you are sitting in a room for 2 years and you don't MULTIPLY 2 years to your life you ADD
DbzSSgotenks77: ....thats a totally different situation that has nothing to do with this one u.u
Hmcorrell: o.o why not?
DbzSSgotenks77: because i didnt sit in a room for 2 years...i stole doughnuts.....big difference u.u
Hmcorrell: ....it's still part of your life o.o
DbzSSgotenks77: ......i see no such connection u.u
Hmcorrell: uh....okay if you did 3 bad things in one day and then do 2 more bad things the NEXT day you don't multiply them to equal 6 bad things
DbzSSgotenks77: .....that has nothing to do with me preferring to multiply rather than add u.u
Hmcorrell: ...but your preferrence (is that a word? o.O) has nothing to do with your wrong doing >.<
DbzSSgotenks77: ....but joutei doesnt care...
Hmcorrell: but gibo-chan is being un-coo-perative >.<
DbzSSgotenks77: but she doesnt care about coopertiveness....she just wants muffins..
DbzSSgotenks77: no...that would be wrong u.u
Hmcorrell: -_- then why did you steal the doughnuts?
DbzSSgotenks77: .......they were right there...
DbzSSgotenks77: and the lady stole yer money.....so, its not our fault we couldnt pay for them...and technically we did cuz we gave her money (even though she didnt work there) and we got our doughnuts u.u ...erm...i did ^^;;
Hmcorrell: well we could've called the police and maybe they would've rewarded us with doughnuts...or maybe if we CAUGHT the money stealer we could get free doughnuts and we still would have money for muffins
DbzSSgotenks77: hey, we tried...we went to the turkeymobile and everything...she was too fast u.u
DbzSSgotenks77: and we were too hungry and fatigued to be able to catch her...thats why i ate doughnuts...but by that time....i forgot abouts her u.u see? not my fault u.u
Hmcorrell: ....but ...aren't you saying that your short-attention span is the cause of not going after the lady that stole my money? o.O
DbzSSgotenks77: yeah...
DbzSSgotenks77: but i didnt ASK to have a short-attention span
Hmcorrell: ...but you're ....you o.O right?
DbzSSgotenks77: ....yes, but im the me that god made...so technically its His fault....
Hmcorrell: o.o but what if the court doesn't BELIEVE in god-...wait....they do ^^ lol
DbzSSgotenks77: or maybe they LIED to be in the court....dun dun dun....spam politics u.u tsk tsk
Hmcorrell: hmm...true *thinks* ...that COULD be true *thinks some more* *puts a pipe in her mouth* ........EWWW! X.X THAT TASTED YUCKy!!!
DbzSSgotenks77: o.o ...::picks up pipe:: ....::puts in mouth:: X.X NASTY!! >.<
Hmcorrell: >.< i'm never doing THAT again
DbzSSgotenks77: nope u.u
Hmcorrell: *sigh * i guess i can never be a scholar u_u
DbzSSgotenks77: awww ;_; ....wait! you can get a fake one! the kind that blows bubbles!
DbzSSgotenks77: and put the flavored bubbles in it so you can eat ur bubbles too! ^^
Hmcorrell: ^.^ COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!
DbzSSgotenks77: yay! ^^
DbzSSgotenks77: O.O!!
DbzSSgotenks77: WHERE?!
Hmcorrell: o.o i dont' know...i was just dreaming about the bubbles ^-^
DbzSSgotenks77: bubbly bubbles ^^
DbzSSgotenks77: the soapy kind not the powerpuff kind u.u
Hmcorrell: lol ^.^
Hmcorrell: brb o.o

No doughnuts were actually stolen or harmed in any way before, after, or during this conversation.