TwoRingsCrusader: HIIII!!!!!
UndeadSuBunny: I've been thinking about you alll dayyY! ^_^
TwoRingsCrusader: XDDDDDDD
UndeadSuBunny: I'm offically 12 2 days ago ^____^
UndeadSuBunny: ...and I don't feel any different
TwoRingsCrusader: XDDDDD
TwoRingsCrusader: YAYYYY!!!! X333
UndeadSuBunny: My mum made me cake o_o
TwoRingsCrusader: o-o..
UndeadSuBunny: and...I ate some today
TwoRingsCrusader: my mom will never bake me anything xD
UndeadSuBunny: O_O
UndeadSuBunny: Sushi starves?
TwoRingsCrusader: Sushis mom cook chinese food >:3
UndeadSuBunny: Oooo!! Yummy!

UndeadSuBunny: *packs suit cases and runs to sushi's house*
TwoRingsCrusader: HEYY!!!
TwoRingsCrusader: *locks the door >:3*
UndeadSuBunny: MEEPPP!! *bangs on door* LET ME INN LETTT MEEE INNN!!
TwoRingsCrusader: *locks more* xDDD
UndeadSuBunny: *jumps on the roof and puts a beard on with a bunch of pillows stuffed down my shirt and slides down the chimley*
TwoRingsCrusader: XDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TwoRingsCrusader: SAANNTTAAA!!!
TwoRingsCrusader: *burns fire place*
UndeadSuBunny: *Ahem* HO HO HO!
TwoRingsCrusader: You are 5 months too early, go away xD
UndeadSuBunny: HOOOOOOOO! *bursts through chimley*
TwoRingsCrusader: XDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
TwoRingsCrusader: Forgive me Santa!! I haven't ben a bad girl right? xDDD
UndeadSuBunny: If you let me in I'll give you a gigantic tetsu plushie
UndeadSuBunny: o_o
TwoRingsCrusader: Meow *starees ayt Tetsu* Who would want a plushie of her? xDDD
UndeadSuBunny: Um...JUST LET ME IN KID!
UndeadSuBunny: *takes out my santa launcher and blasts the door open*
TwoRingsCrusader: hmm.. okay!
TwoRingsCrusader: XDDDDDD
UndeadSuBunny: erm..ok santa has to go eat...brb