Guild Help!
It's actually quite simple to put custom made guild layouts onto your very own guild, but first you need to make one.
This page:
is where you can start. Click over the text that says "Create New". Now name your guild, type a little about it, ect. When you get down to the colors, jsut chose anything. You'll be changing it later to match whatever layout you chose.
Now you have your own guild! For future reference, whenever you go back to the guilds page just click on 'Teleport" to get to your guild.
Now it's time to choose a layout on the page on S-R. ^^ Click on the guild icon to see what the guild will look like.
Once you've chosen one, highlight all of the code in the box next to the icon and copy it. (right click-->select all-->Copy) Go to your guild and near the bottom left on the sidebar it should say "Guild layout" Click it, then click "Modify Guild Preferences". Now paste the code in the big box. (right click-->paste)
Beneath the textarea box are the color schemes you saw when you first created your guild. Look back at the Guild Layouts page on Suta-Raito. Beneath my codes I've already given what sidebar colors look best with the layout. If it's preset, only change the "Preset Color Schemes" on your guild. If it's seperate colors, leave the "Preset Color Schemes" alone.
Now, finally, it's icon time! Go to "Guild Layout", then "Upload/Change Guild Logo". Upload the picture I have on the Guild layouts page, and you're done! ^^
Click "My Guild" on the top of your guilds page to see how it looks.