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Dubloon Disaster!
They says: Medium
We say:    Easy

Description: You play as Dorak, a blue Krawk who has his eyes set on some serious treasure. After a small pirate ship had a bad encounter with the Black Pawkeet (the most feared pirate ship in all of Neopia), their treasures were scattered across the ocean. Your goal is to collect all the fallen doubloons while avoiding mines that will come after you.

How To Play: This game only requires a keyboard. Use the left, right, up and down arrows to guide Dorak towards doubloons, but if you run into a mine it's game over! Be cautious too, the mines will come after you.

Dorak Well, this is the daring Dorak. He's the character you'll be guiding in the game.
Mine These pointy mines are very dangerous. Once you get your first dubloon in the game, a mine will appear and come after you. Every time you pick up a dubloon a new mine will appear, but after 9 mines are on the field, no more will appear. If a mine touches another mine, they will both explode and dissappear.
Whirlpools: I wish I could get a picture of a whirlpool but I can't seem to ever get one in the game. ^-^; They do happen though. Whirlpools can pop up anywhere and once you see one, instantly go the opposite direction. They'll suck up all the mines, but dubloons somehow aren't effected. Wait until the whirlpool is done until going after another dubloon.
Doubloon This dubloon is worth 2 points, and they're very common.

Doubloon Worth 5 points and are also common.

Doubloon 10 points, not as common as the previous two.

Doubloon 20 points, also not as common.

Doubloon 50 points, almost rare...

Doubloon 100 points, rarely shows up. (But it does! =D)

Doubloon 200 points, VERY rare. Consider yourself lucky if you run into one of these. ^^

Game Avatar:
Smuggler's Dubloon
Smuggler's Dubloon: If you score 900+ points in the game (and send your score), you'll recieve this avatar in a popup window.
Follow the hints/tips below if you're having trouble getting this avatar.

- The easiest way to get a good score is to first bunch all the mines close together. Try to get them as close as possible into a circle in the middle of the ocean. Once they're close, dubloons should be easier to get because all the mines will travel in the circle at the same spead. Instead of one mine coming at you from all directions, it'll just be a giant circle of mines coming from the middle. It's much easier to avoid.
- Instead of trying to get around the mines to get to the dubloons, just lure the mines away. Remember, they follow you, so go to a corner and wait for them to come near you. Once they've come close enough, leave the spot and get the dubloon. Make sure there's room for you to escape!
- If a whirlpool appears, forget about the dubloon and quickly go in the opposite direction so you don't get sucked in. Once it's gone, go back to get the dubloon.

Average score for this game:
I averaged 3 people's scores and it came out to 600 points per person on average.
My high score: 1370.
The high scores table starts at 2,495. (Average)

By: Eevee1--Image on top also drawn by Eevee1.

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