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Welcome to suta-raito! We're celebrating our 3rd birthday this year, and this news ticker was used on the first year Suta-Raito was born, so for the celebration...it...has...RETURNED! Annoying-ness: I'm gonna talk like Kenshin! That I am! Usually I don't watch Kenshin, that I don't...but I managed to catch it the other day on TV, that I did. Of course, it was the sad episode where he left everyone...that it was...*hisssss*... --~**~-- Is there an episode of Pokemon that team rocket isn't in? --~**~-- *runs around chasing Kuitsuku* Hey if you like to draw then you should check out suta-raito's oekakis! --~**~-- It has occured to me that a lot of people really do read this. So I'll keep typing meaningless stuff to amuse you all. -^^- --~**~-- I want a cookie. >3>....And a muffin. A cookie muffin.       ...with blueberries... --~**~-- Everything above this (well, mostly) was on the ticker 2 years ago! Oh the memories. And now, for some new stuff! --~**~-- If you want to contact me, but you can't figure out how...try clicking on the contact page. xD --~**~-- You're still reading this? --~**~-- Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.        ...you know you want to... --~**~--            HA! I bet you thought it was ending. NEVER!! --~**~-- Worms have been known to taste like bacon. o-o I wouldn't go munching on them for breakfast though.      Unless...you want to... --~**~-- Have a Neopets account? My username is kontinasu, go ahead and look me up! =3 --~**~-- Did you know that dolphins nap with one eye open? o.o That'd be a good skill for school. --~**~-- Ticky ticker ticky ticker.... --~**~-- On Suta-Raito's 2nd birthday, the counter was at 2 million visits. This year is our 3rd birthday, and the counter is at 8 million visits. =3 --~**~-- Well I'm going to end this now so I can draw some pictures. ^-^ Thanks for taking the time to read it, and thanks for visiting Suta-Raito!

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Welcome to the Digimon Interviews! These are basically funny stories of people interviewing the characters of the anime Digimon. Scroll to the bottom of the screen if you want to send in your own interview for Digimon!
Page #1--Page#2--Page#3--

Eevee1: Welcome to the all new Digimon Interviews Page! Right now I'm interviewing Takato.
Takato: Okay, this will be fun!
Eevee1: Let's get started here...
**Something beeps**
Eevee1: What was that?
Takato: Uh Oh, my digivice, gotta go, bye! Thanks for the interview!
Eevee1: What interview?

Pikatwo: Hello today we are going to interview Tai, he's going to tell us what it was like the first day they went to the digi-world! Hi Tai
Tai: Hello, well for starts, I was relaxing in a tree and it suddenly started snowing I...
Pikatwo: Man, How do you get your hair to look like that!
Tai: Huh? Oh I don't know it just does.
Pikatwo: Are you serious?
Tai: Ya, so when it started snowing I knew something was going....
Pikatwo: What about when you were a baby?
Tai: Umm ya, its always been like this.
Pikatwo: Geez your hair must have been as big as your whole body!
Tai: Can we talk about something other then my hair?
Pikatwo:Oh ya sorry, you were saying?
Tai: Well then when this light appeared in the sky and...
Pikatwo: How in the world do you wear a hat, it must be gigantic!
Tai: Ok thats it I dont have to take this any more, I'm leaving.
Pikatwo: Hey! Wait! How do you wash it? You must have to use like two bottles! wait! (door slams)
Pikatwo: Oh well. Next on the list we have Davis.Come on in!
Davis: Hi!
Pikatwo: Holy hair! Oh my Gosh!
Sent In By: AH9006@aol.com

Miko: Hiya!!!!! we're just now going to interview Takuya.
Takuya: Okay lets start talking!* Detector glows *
Miko: What The!?
Takuya: Ah Ha! I knew you had a code!
Miko: Huh?
Takuya:Come here you! "SPIRIT EVELUTION!"
Sent In By: flo002

Gatomon343: I am now here with Guilmon. So Guilmon what is it like to be a digimon who only shows up on season 3?
Guilmon: What do you mean?
Gatomon343: I mean you only show up in one cartoon series.
Guilmon: You mean me and Tokatomon never come on the T.V again?
Gatomon343: yeah.
Guilmon: That stinks! Who writes my cartoons?
Gatomon343: I don't know.
Guilmon: I don't like hearing bad news! PYRO SPHERE!
Gatomon343: *jumps out of the way* are you crazy?! What do you think I was going to do?
Guilmon: Tokatomon told me you were going to give me bread!
Gatomon343: O.k............... Tokato probably said that to make you do this Interview.
Guilmon: So he lied?
Gatomon343: yep.
Guilmon: *goes running after Tokato for lying*
Gatomon343: Cut!!!!! Man now I totally wish this wasn't live I mean come on I tried interviewing poke'mon and they are to stupid then I tried Dragon Ball Z characters but all they talked about was fighting and food. Hey is that thing still rolling?! TURN IT OFF!
*goes running from the mob behind her*
Sent in by: By:Gatomon343

Digimon Season 4 Interview
Leena:welcome today,to our popular show,um...I forget it now...oh well,let's start off interviewing the Season 4 of Digimon.
Takuya:*is half asleep*uh..hi...
Zoe:*breaks a nail*NO!!!!!!!!!
Koji:ummm......go away?
Tommy:*has chocolate all over his face*choco choco,chocolate!!!
*everyone sits up and pays attention*
Leena:thank you^_^
Leena:first question. Takuya,Koji,I'll ask you both this question.WHY ARE YOU SO HOT?!
Takuya:because I feel like it.
Koji:I don't know....what Takuya said.
Leena:ok...Zoe's turn.why do you have wings and I don't?!
Zoe:I'm special..*sticks tounge out*
Leena:why you little!!Spirit Evolution!!!Sakuyamon!!
Zoe:hmph!Spirit Evolution!!Kazemon!!
*big explosions*
Sakuyamon:Slide Evolution!!Guilmon!!
Kazemon:Slide Evolution!!Zephyrmon!!
Guilmon:ohhh...purdy colors..
Zephyrmon:cute dragon thingy!!!
*everyone hugs and kisses Guilmon*
Guilmon:oooh...I like the part about Koji and Takuya!!
Sent in by:Guilmon(known as Leena)

Eevee1:Goodmorning everybody! Today we are interviewing Tai. Salutations Tai!
Eevee1:Never mind. So Tai, what's it like in the digiworld?
Eevee1:I said never mind. Look, just answer the question.
Eevee1:Thats it! Cut! Man I can't believe I'm working for this stupid idioti- Hey I SAID CUT!!!
Camera man:Oops.
Sent in by: Chris

Callie:Hi ^_^ today with have an interveiw with tai from digimon
Callie:Hi tai....wow...
Callie:Your hair looks alot bigger than it does on tv!
Tai:Whats that meant to mean?
Callie:.....MAN!you must use so much hair gel to keep your hair up like that!!or does it just look like that when you wake up?
Tai:>< can we get on with the interveiw
Callie:Interveiw?oh yeah that thing i forgot okay *cough* first of all.....WHYS YOUR HAIR SO BIG!
Tai:Thats it im leaveing *leaves*
Cam1:Problem on the set! She scared the geust off again!
Sent in by: Callie

Eevee:I'm here now in the Digimon world,ready to approch a digimon,who goes by the name of "Gatomon".so Gatomon,how's it hanging?
Gatomon:Wha?Who are you?
Eevee:Well,my name's Eevee,and I'm a pokemon from the pokemon world...
Eevee:What the?
Gatomon:Lightning claw!
Eevee:argg!!!Kitty with attitude problems!
*eevee gets hit with a bat and faints*
*wakes up*
Kari:Opps,sorry,thought you were another raccoon that got into the yard.
Eevee:Ow.That hurt X.x
*Goku popps up*
Goku:Hey,am I suppose to be here?
Eevee:No,you're at the next set-
Goku:Hey!*eyes the buffet table*Food!
Eevee:Arg!No!Not for you!
Cameraman:This would be a good time to call security,wouldn't it?
Eevee:Yeah.i think it would.--'
Sent in by: Eevee

Hinatta: Ok, Tai. I'm gonna ask you a bunch of questions.
Tai: Um... ok?
Hinatta: First of all? Why is your name 'Tai'? Didn't your parents know what a Tie was?
Tai: Excuse me?
Hinatta: What? You want me to move.
Tai: My full name is Taichi.
Hinatta: I didn't ask you that.
Tai: Well, no but-
Hinatta: Why are you commenting?
Tai: Huh?
Hinatta: STOP IT!
Tai: Stop what?
Hinatta: Why are you so nosey?
Tai: Uhhh...
Hinatta: Oh, sure! Now you don't know what to say!
Tai: Is the exit this way?
Hinatta: Did I ask you that?
Tai: No-
Hinatta: Then shut your mouth and know your role. **Ties Tai with a rope to his chair**
Tai: How'd I get here anyways?
Hinatta: Who's gonna ask the questions, You or me.
Tai: **opens mouth**
Hinatta: Me of course.
Hinatta: Aguwhat?
Agumon: Pepper breath! **furniture catches fire**
Hinatta: **runs around** Next question! How do you keep your hair from burning up when Agumon does that?
Sent in by: Hinatta

Can you think of a funny Digimon interview? If you can, send it in by clicking here!

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