Piccolo's answers will be in green.
My answers will be in blue.

   Dear Piccolo: How do you get your skin that cool shade of green?
Well I use a variety of moisturizers and facial masks along with a bit of lotion before I go out in public. T-T I'm a Namekian...I was born like this. Do you all think I'm just a guy in a costume with fangs!?

   Dear Piccolo: Does it hurt when you regenerate?
Let's see...would it hurt if someone just came along and RIPPED off your arm!? Of course it hurts, geez! Don't I scream on the show? It's not an act, they seriously rip off my arm!! They even have rehearsals just to see my arm get torn apart from my body...>>
I wanted to see how Piccolo would react if he was hit in the stomach with an energy beam up close and personal, so I told Goku that Piccolo's body was taken over by an evil demon.
Holy crap! You morron!! I can only regenerate my arms and legs!!
>.>...Well, you really should have told everybody that first, don't you think? *dodges a blast from Piccolo* D= HEY NOW!!

   Okay Piccolo...how would you react if your arm was torn off? (I just want to see your arm get cut off, hehe...)
How would I react? ...do you watch the show?
Muahahahahaha *cackles and chops*
AHHHH!! You FREAK! I'll get you for that...
Eheheheh-RUN AWAY!!

   Hey big P! I just wanted to know...well...it said on the T.V. show that you grew up alone...were you ever *sob* *sob* LONELY????
Well...I was always alone so I got used to it. Ever since I was a baby and my evil dad spit me out of his mouth and died...I've traveled alone throughout life...
Awww....that's so touching, especially the part about your dad spitting you out and dying...*gives Piccolo a teddy bear*

   Dear Piccolo: Can you morph into a Digimon or a Pokèmon?
...Can YOU!?
He can with this spiffy new pokemon morphing raygun! *zap*
   Dear Piccolo: What are you scared of?
Turtles. C= Asdfghjkl; LIAR!! She LIES! FALSE INFORMATION!

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